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 +title = Software design with low-power electronics and low-power microcontrollers for energy efficient systems, Energy efficient system design, Ecodesign, Energy harvesting, Energy design, Quality Intensification for IT and energy efficient building automation systems, Design of energy efficient SCATA systems, Design of energy efficient systems for supervisory control and data acquisition
 +&date created = 1961
 +&creator = Rolf Horst Hemmerling
 +====== hemmerling - Internet-of-Things ( IOT ), Industry 4.0 and SCADA  Expertness - Energy Efficient Design - Quality Intensification for IT + Automation ======
 +  -[[en:business.html|{{flags:uk.png|UK Flag}}]] English
 +    *[[en:business.html|Business]] Website
 +    *[[en:personal.html|Private personal]] Website.
 +  -[[de:business.html|{{flags:de.png|German Flag}}]]Deutsche
 +    *[[de:business.html|Geschäftliche]] Website
 +    *[[de:personal.html|Private persönliche]] Website.
 +    *Ich bin [[de:services.html|MINT-Botschafter]]. [[de:services.html|{{banners:mint.gif?100|Meine Tätigkeit als MINT-Botschafter}}]]
 +  -[[en:imprint.html|Imprint / Contact]] / [[en:privacy.html|Privacy Policy]] / <HTML><a href="" rel="author" target="_blank">Google+ "Rolf Hemmerling"</a> / <a href="" rel="publisher" target="_blank">Google+ Business "hemmerling"></HTML>
 +  -[[this>../html/im/index.html|i-Mode]] Portal
 +  -[[this>../wml/index.wml|WAP]] Portal
 +{{keywords>Hemmerling Software Design with low-power Electronics and Microcontrollers Energy efficient Systems Design Ecodesign Energy Harvesting GreenIT 'Green IT' Quality Intensification for IT and Building Automation Systems SCATA supervisory control and data acquisition competence in technical matters Kompetenz in technischen Fragen Messtechnik measurement instrumentation expert expertness Experte Fachkenntnisse Sachverstand Überwachung Steuerung Datenerfassung ÜSE Messen Steuern Regeln MSR Quality Management Quality Improvement Qualitätssteigerung Qualitätsverbesserung Qualitätsmanagement 'CeBIT Competence Store Partner' 'Texas Instruments Expert Advisory Panel' 'Texas Instruments Sachverständiger' }}
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