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The Service, the Tools

( Official ) Alexa Developer Resources

Third-Party Streaming Services for use with Alexa

  • Spotify "Alexa" - “Nutze die Sprachsteuerung, um deine Musik mit Amazon Alexa abzuspielen. Hinweis: Du benötigst ein Spotify Premium Konto, um Spotify auf Alexa zu nutzen:-(.

Design Concepts for Voice Applications

  • Idea ⇒ Contents ⇒> Design ⇒ Code

Third-Party Services for Application Development


  • BotTalk - “Alexa Skills and Google Actions with simple markup language”.

Invocable ( formerly: Storyline )

  • Invocable ( formerly: Storyline ) with free BASIC account, commercial PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE accounts.
    • “Design and Prototype Alexa Skills. Create for the platforms of tomorrow. Today”.
    • “The easiest way to create an Amazon Alexa skill without coding”.
    • “Create Alexa skills without coding. There's no way to create Amazon Alexa skills unless you're a good engineer. Storyline makes it easy with a visual drag-n-drop interface”.
  • YouTube "Storyline" - “Create Alexa skills without coding”.
  • Medium "Hello, Invocable. Goodbye, clunky voice design tools", 2018-11-12 - “We’ve changed our name: Storyline is now Invocable”.


  • Voiceflow - “Design, prototype, and build voice apps. Create voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. No coding needed”.

Anil Kumar & Alexey Vidanov

  • I participated in 2 sessions of Anil Kumar and Alexey Vidanov on the BarCamp UXCamp Hamburg on 2018-08-11 in Hamburg, Germany.
Anil Kumar
    • Step #1
        • Questionnaire.
          1. If you were a person out there in the world serving your customer, what is your job would be? Example: for Netflix, it would be Movies librarian
          2. Customer would describe you as the most? Examples for Amazon, it would Earth most customer centric company
          3. You never want to come off as? Examples for Netflix, it would be narrow
        • Your Product Personality
          • “If you were a person out there in the world serving your customer, your job would be 11111111. And customer would describe you as the most 22222222 of any in that profession. You never want to come off as 33333333”
    • Step #2.
      • What is your target audience? What does your target audience need which can be served by your Alexa-driven service?
    • Step #3
      • GitHub.io, Anil Kumar "VoiceX" for FireFox and Chrome browsers.
        • Choose Language - Many languages :-), but not German :-(.
        • Choose
          1. None
          2. Amazon Alexa
          3. Google Home
          4. Apple homepad
          5. Mobile
          6. Watch
          7. Male Avantar
          8. Female Avantar
        • Enter the text you want to get spoken by Alexa. Think of use cases, user stories, user experience.
        • Please switch to “Test mode on”
        • All entered text is now displayed and can be spoken by the browser application, by clicking on the HTML link.
        • Test the “voice application” with a user / customer. Let “VoiceX” speak Alexa's answers. Note missing answers, that should be added for a new test.
          • Customer: “Alexa, start “MyVoiceApplication”.
          • Alexa: ...
          • Customer: ...
          • Alexa: ...
Alexey Vidanov


  • Experts told me, that “AMAZON Echo Show” is a limited “AMAZON Fire” Android tablet.
  • Experts told me, that “AMAZON Fire” Android tablet need a(n AMAZON) proxy to connect to Internet.
  • Fortune "Amazon Is Converting Your Fire HD Tablet Into an Echo Show—for Free", 2018-06-28 - “The company on Thursday announced that it will begin rolling out a software update to Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets next week called Show Mode. The feature delivers a hands-free Alexa service to the device that will display your calendar, allow you to watch video, check in on connected cameras, and more. The software update effectively converts Amazon’s tablets into Echo devices with screens. And whenever you want to go back and use them as a tablet, you can simply turn off Show Mode”.
  • The Verge
  • Trusted Reviews "Amazon Echo Show" - “Alexa is better with a screen”.
  • EN.Wikipedia "Amazon Echo Show" - “The Echo Show initially supported YouTube videos; on September 26, 2017, it was revealed that Google ... had blocked the device's access to the service, citing violations of its terms of service and ongoing negotiations. While Amazon later worked around the restriction by using the web version, Google announced that it would block YouTube from the Echo Show, as well as the Fire TV platform”.
    • “Ultimate Ears returns with another explosive duo of speakers, this time with Alexa”.
    • “It’s fun to ask Alexa about the weather, quiz it about a random fact, or perform one of the thousands of other Skills it has. Amazon's AI is also a decent DJ. The Blast and Megablast come with a 3-month trial of Amazon Music Unlimited, which was helpful since my music app of choice, Spotify, isn’t yet accessible via voice controls on these speakers. Other popular apps like Pandora are coming, but there's a wait for those as well.


  • EN.Wikipedia "Siri", DE.Wikipedia "Siri (Software)" - “A virtual assistant part of Apple Inc.'s iOS, watchOS, macOS, HomePod, and tvOS operating systems”.
  • EN.Wikipedia "HomePod", DE.Wikipedia "HomePod" - “The device runs an iOS variation... It integrates Siri, which can be used to control the speaker and other HomeKit devices, and can be used to conduct text messaging and voice calls from an iPhone. The HomePod supports only proprietary Apple platforms and technologies”.

BAIDU "DuerOS" & BAIDU "Raven H"


The Service

The Tools

Third-party Software

NPM "virtual-google-assistant"


  • See on this page.

Third-partys Services

  • Bottalk - See on this page.



The Service, the Windows Tool, the Android App



Smart Home Devices which work with Digital Virtual ( Voice ) Assistants


Forums, Newsgroups

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