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Hemmerling (R) Notebook

The resource for notebooks with SIS630 / SIS630S / SIS630ST chipset

Let me introduce to You, my name is Rolf Hemmerling. I am Your personal guide to the world of notebooks ! I own a Clevo 2700c notebook, equipped with a SIS630S chipset.

My notebook

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Technical data, compatiblity

Help !! My Clevo 2700c notebook ( in non-fastboot mode ) crashes when rebooting from Linux !!

Linux-Howto for notebooks with SIS630 / SIS630S / SIS630ST chipset

Windows on notebooks, with focus on notebooks with SIS630 / SIS630S / SIS630ST chipset

Win98SE works fine and stable on my notebook. The driver CD claims complete to provide W2K support, too ( untested ).

CPU coolers

If your notebook feels "hot" when running MSDOS, Win98/98SE/ME, please install a CPU cooler !

Newsgroups, forums, mailing-lists..

Notebook accessories, Notebook vendors, distributors and manufacturers in Germany

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