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Rolf Hemmerling (born November 18, 1961 in Bad Säckingen) is a german electric engineer.

[edit] Career

The son of a public officer passed highschool in 1981 and afterwards the mandatory military service at a vehicle repair unit. Since 1982 he studied electric engineering at the University of Hanover. He passed the basic study phase with the pre-degree successfully. In the advanced study period, he selected the degree program communications engineering and passed successfully part one of the final examination in electrical engineering and the student research project. In 1998 he moved to the Hochschule Hannover, at which he graduated his study of electric engineering in the degree program information technology with the focus on data processing in February 2010 as Diplom-Ingenieur(FH) with the overall grade "good". During his unversity days, he gained considerable and substancial experience in projects, project management and teamwork, also in cooperation with the industry

Since March 2010 again, he is doing freelancer work throughout Germany, as software engineer, software tester, system tester, device tester and IT quality manager.

[edit] Certifications

  • Dipl-Ing.(FH) in Electrical Engineering / Information Technology
  • Certified Project Management Associate (GPM/IPMA)
  • DGQ Quality Assurance Representative and Internal Auditor
  • ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level
  • REFA Basic Degree in Work Organisation
  • LZH Laser Certificate
  • CEPT Novice Radio Amateur Licence ECC/REC (05)06
  • Handling of enclosed radioactive materials of Technical Qualification Group No. 2.2

[edit] Project experience, ordered by jobnames

  1. IT, Quality, Requirements and Process Manager, IT Consultant.
    • on/off it-solutions gmbh: Technical writer and black box software tester for the Manufaction Execution System software InfoCarrier™.
    • Projekt "Analysis and presentation of the external perception of the plant Buxtehude" for Airbus Operations GmbH.
    • Project planning “Design of a datacenter reference model of the datacenter of a medium-sized datacenter service provider" according to the guideline of the proof of knowledge transfer for IPMA.
    • Project manager in the project "Design of a datacenter reference model and the foundations for the implementation of an ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 quality management system".
    • Project "Use of 6Sigma + Lean for the implementation of a quality management system in a service company” - Temporary direction of the project
    • Project for planning and execution of a 3.5 hours lasting introductory training “Modeling of business processes with ARIS” for users of the Workflow Management Software ARIS by IDS Scheer AG.
    • Manager of the department “Controlling”, project team member in the department „Business“ of the project "FHH Motorsport" for participation in the contest “Formula Student Germany” 2009.
    • Project „Development of a software-based process model reference documentation as base for process optimization and implementation of a quality management system“ for Dr. Binner Consulting und Software.
    • Conulting for the company appearance on the world exhibition ”EXPO 2000” in Hannover, for The Digital Group of Telehealth Companies.
  2. IT System and Software Developer.
    • Graduation thesis “Concept for the interconnection between marine radio and the public telephone grid”: Verification of the feasibility of a concept for automatic connections from a marine radio into the public telephone grid.
    • Development of the IT application “Web 2.0 enterprise mashup software platform for the global sourcing of non-governmental organisations”, a contribution to the business IT competiton “Accenture Campus Challenge 2008”. Winner of the state competition “Lower Saxony” in the competition category “Web 2.0 enterprise mashups for the global sourcing”. We qualified for the german final in Kronberg against 87 other german teams.
    • Business development for startup companies of the IT industry.
      • Participation as one the associates of a fictive TV device manuafacturer in the management contest „PLANOS“ at Fachhochschule Hannover, University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
      • Participation as one the associates of a fictive TV device manuafacturer in the management contest TOPSIM - General Management II" at the event EXIST-priME-Cup, at Philips GmbH.
      • Creation of the business plan “T-Home Entertain Hotel-TV” for the business startup competition “Deutsche Telekom Interactive TV Award”.
      • Creation of the business plan “Sports Watchers” for the category “Freestyle” for the business startup competition “Deutsche Telekom Interactive TV Award”.
    • Projects at ant with Hochschule Hannover.
      • University project to develop an online booking system of a fictive car rental service in built out of components, with Java and J2EE.
      • Software for support fo sales of vanity telephone numbers, in Java.
      • Upgrade of an existing Java database application for multi-user operation.
      • Software for administration of the results of a soccer sports league, with C++, STL, QT.
      • Creation of a dynamic OpenGL scene by using a self-designed C++ Wrapper for the OpenGL and GLUT libraries.
      • LabVIEW application for measurement of the voltage frequency response characteristics.
      • Honorary attendance of a female student with migration backgroud in the last week of her work for her diploma thesis: Consulting about the design and the completion of Java source code, by addition of comments ( in JavaDoc style ) for an application running on an Apache Tomcat server, the selection of UML modeling tools and the migration of the UML project documentation from Poseidon for UML, Community Edition to IBM Rational Rose.
  3. Developer for embedded systems, realtime systems, low-level & „bare metal“ Software.
    • Development of an “Illuminance plotter” on an Atmel ATxmega256A3BU microcontroller board - Display of the illuminance measured by an onboard lightsensor on the onboard LDC display as numeric value and as graphical plot of time series data, for Atmel Corporation.
    • Projekt "Initial skill adaptation training about coding rules MISRA-C, MISRA-C++ and for Java", also with Gimpel PC-Lint.
    • Project for development of data acquisition software with 80C166 microcontrollers , with hardware assembly of an interface board for a 80C166 microcontroller circuit board, for Medizinische Hochschule Hannover ( MHH )
    • Projects at and with Hochschule Hannover.
      • Control of a fischertechnik model with 8051 microcontroller in „C“ on a realtime operating system.
      • Simulation of cars and car suspensios respectively with MATLAB/Simulink, Scilab, WinFACT, WinDORA .
    • Projects at and with University of Hanover.
      • FAT12 disk editor for MSDOS, in „C“.
      • Disk editor and implementation of TINY BASIC for the realtime operating system RTOS-UH, in 68K assembler.
      • C/C++ application and class library for control of the fischertechnik parallel interface on MSDOS, in GNU C/C++.
    • Projects at Institut für Fertigungstechnik ( IFW ).
      • Software development of Data acquisition, data processing and data visualisation.
        • on VMEbus computers with RTOS-PEARL on the realtime operating system RTOS-UH.
        • on IBM-PCs with WERUM-PEARL on MSDOS.
      • Simulation of the data processing and data visualisation in a spreadsheet and ( later ) in Mathcad.
    • Projects at the Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Nondestructive Testing ( IKPH ), University of Hanover.
      • Development of software for real-time data acquisition and for data visualization in in Pascal, Fortran 77 and 80x86 Assembler.
  4. Software tester & developer of automated testbeds.
    • on/off it-solutions gmbh: Black box software tester for the Manufaction Execution System software InfoCarrier™.
    • Development of a temperature testbed for electric motors for Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH.
    • Project "LabVIEW application for measurement of the voltage frequency response characteristics" at the Hochschule Hannover.
    • Project "Quality assurance for the TV software Tivion Media Center" as well as consultation about the company's Internet appearance and online promotion of the TV software Tivion Media Center, for TC Unterhaltungselektronik-AG.
    • Project "Manual quality assurance for the TV and radio software 'Cyberlink Power VCR II 3.0', 'GlobeFM', 'GlobeTXT' for use with the TV card 'KNC One TV Station RDS with Bt 878 chip'" for KNC One.
    • Quality assurance for the TV software “ChrisTV” and produkt design “Zoom funktion for supression of the split-screen advertising during 'Formel 1' transmissions on 'RTL'” for Chris P.C. srl, Romania.
    • Manual functional quality assurrance for the video surveillance software “TVMail” for USH Utility Software Hallbauer GmbH".
    • Independent Burda „talkingweb“ content developer and manual functional quality assurance as Internet user of the web application „talkingweb“, a joint-Venture of „Mannesmann Arcor“ ( today „Vodaphone“ ) with daughter companies of „Hubert Burda Media“.
  5. Technical spezialist for instrumentation, automation technology & process technology.
    • Development of a concept for Schützenverein Kaltenweide von 1903 e.V. for extension of a shooting ground, so that it's operation becomes less sensitive concerning aircraft noise and noise of a nextby shooting ground of the same user .
    • Projekte at and with Hochschule Hannover.
      • Simulation of road junctions, telephone systems and material flow in industrial production facilities with DOSIMIS-3, Taylor II.
      • PLC programming in IEC 61131-3 languages: Control software for a fischertechnik model of a band-conveyor with Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7.
      • PLC programming in IEC 61131-3 languages: Automation of the simulation of a controlled gas boiler with ABB Control IT AC 800F Software.
      • Preparation of basic flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, piping & instrumentation diagrams for a process technology facilitiy ( the process of crude oil processing in a oil refinery ) with Innotec / SIEMENS COMOS-PT, according to DIN EN ISO 10628.
      • Development of a garage door control and commissioning of a PROFINET-controlled automation facility with PC WORX by PHOENIX-CONTACT.
      • Parameterization of an existing expert system, to adopt it for controlling a burglar alarm system, by using forward chaining and backward chaining.
      • Teach-in and prgramming of the industrial robot „Mitsubishi Movemaster RV-E2”, Design and simulation of work cells and motion-sequences with COSIMIR.
      • Recognition and measurement of objects with “MFP” ( “Multifunctionale Test System” ) of J&P Vision GmbH.
      • Development of the control system for balancing a bowl on a motor-controlled round slice, with WinDORA.
      • Light analysis and light planning for workplaces at computer terminals and for manual development of electronics hardware, with DIALux and RELUX.
      • Industry analysis “Project work in the industry 'Electrical Drive Engineering'”, in a team. Research about and analysis of industral project work in comparison to theoretical project standards, taking as example several industrial companies of the industry „Electrical drives engineering“. In addition to own research the team interviewed staff members of 6 companies of the industry „Electrical drives engineering“.
      • Analysis of a process control facility, equipped with some compact controllers Siemens SIPART DR20 which control a steam generation facility used for feeding a steam motor and a turbine. The process control software Siemens Teleperm M running on a Siemens AS235 process control computer is used for monitoring and visualisation.
      • Commissioning of a SMA photovoltaic inverted rectifier "Sonny Boy 3300“.
    • Fabrication of electronic instrumentations in small number of pieces for Philips and DuPont Optical GmbH
    • Maintenance and extension of telecommunication facilities for Siemens AG Bielefeld, Wartungsabteilung und Montageabteilung.
    • Production assistant in the departments ironing machines and dishwashers - assembly, dishwasher - test facility, assembly of vacuum cleaners - quality assurance at Miele & Cie. GmbH & Co., Bielefeld
  6. Social community manager, marketing expert, promotor.
    • Execution of marketing activities at the university place Hannover, Germany ( membership promotion, encouraging members in networking at the university place, specifying the places of deposition of flyers and places of installation of posters. Installation of posters, deposition of flyers ), contact person at the university place Hannover for StudiVZ, Studylounge, InternationalStudentsClub e.V., nur!studenten.
    • Video documentation of the project "Collecting Madness" of AstA, the General Students' Committee of Hochschule Hannover: Assembly of mobile fischertechnik robots equipped with sensors and actors for recognition and harvesting of objects.
    • Support service for an IT social community of software developers, for Heise Zeitschriften Verlag :Administration of the “PEARL-Pool”, a special ein directory of open source software written in PEARL, for the real-time system “RTOS-UH”. Publication and adaption of open source software, written in RTOS-PEARL and Werum-PEARL, distributed by the “PEARL-Pool”.
  7. Project manager.
    • Project manager in the project „Design of a datacenter reference model and the foundations for the implementation of an ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 quality management system“.

[edit] Honors/affiliations/awards

2008: Accenture Campus Challenge 2008 - Winner of the state competition "Lower Saxony"

[edit] Selected works

  • L. Frevert PEARL-Mail, Fachhochschule Bielefeld - IFE, Bielefeld 1989-1990, issues 2/1989, 1/1990, 2/1990.
  • Rolf Hemmerling: Student research project Detection of break events at automatic drilling machines with multiple spindles, University of Hanover, Hannover 1994.
  • Rolf Hemmerling, Yanni Yi: The meaning of chinese firework for Europe. China Firecrackers, chinese news magazine "Voice”, issue 02, Bejing 2003, page 13.
  • Ivanka Menken The ITIL Experience: 67 Real Life Remarkable ITIL Experiences, Emereo Pty Ltd, Newstead 2009, ISBN 1742442188, pages 75-76; Rolf Hemmerling: ITIL - A Framework for IT Quality Management.
  • Rolf Hemmerling: Diploma thesis Concept for the interconnection between marine radio and the public telephone grid, Hochschule Hannover, Hannover 2010.
  • Ivanka Menken The ITSM Experience: Real Life Remarkable ITSM Experiences - 2010 Edition, Emereo Pty Ltd, Newstead 2010, ISBN 1742444741, pages 141-145; Rolf Hemmerling: ITSM – From Trainer’s Goldmine to transparent Market – A Travel in Time.

[edit] Private life

Rolf Hemmerling ist single, not married, not divorced. He has no children and is not in a relation. That's why it is easy for him to move to another working place within Germany. In his free time, he likes to do whole-day bicycle tours in the highlands and forests. He appreciates museums, exehibitions, concerts, theatre, participating in discussions and listening to speeches. Since 1980, he is honorary collaborator at the non-governmental organisation Verein Klinikprogramme für Bielefeld e. V. ( formerly: “Krankenhausfunk Bielefeld e.V.” ) in Bielefeld.

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