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[hemmerling] ITIL - A Framework for IT Quality Management

Buch ”The ITIL Experience: 67 Real Life Remarkable ITIL Experiences”. Herausgeber: Ivanka Menken, Art Of Service The Art of Service. Verlag: Emereo Pty Ltd (2. November 2009). ISBN-10: 1742442188. ISBN-13: 978-1742442181. Mein Beitrag auf den Seiten 75,76:


Written by Rolf Hemmerling

About Me

My name is Rolf Hemmerling and I am from Hannover, Germany. I am a Consultant, Quality Assurance Representative and Internal Auditor. I have experience in ISO 9000, ISO 27000, IT software development, engineering, and 25 years practicing the principle of lifelong learning.

The learning experience

I would like to enroll in an ITIL course as self-study does not always help to focus on the important aspects, neither for passing the certification, nor for the later practical operation. I don´t want to learn “just for a certificate”, without further knowledge and work experience.

The ITIL Framework

I choose to study the ITIL Framework because it provides proven methods. These methods help to implement a “generic” quality system like ISO 9000 in an IT organization.

I have applied my knowledge of ITIL by creating a reference model of a small datacenter service company, observing that the staff already implemented much of basic ITIL, like helpdesk and ticket system, without knowing explicitly about ITIL. So ITIL must be right!

I look forward to undertaking the ITIL v3 Foundation course and gaining an official qualification.

Wie und wo man das Buch kaufen kann

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