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[hemmerling] Working in Intercultural Project Teams


  • Vortragstitel: “Working in Intercultural Project Teams”.
  • Vortragende: Rolf Hemmerling.
  • Vortragsdauer: 20 Minuten.
  • Vortragssprache: Englisch.
  • Veranstaltungsform: Folien-unterstützte Präsentation.

Vortrags-Ort, -Datum und -Publikum


  1. Vortrags-Folien im Microsoft-Powerpoint (PPT) und PDF-Format.
  2. Schriftliche Ausarbeitung im OpenOffice (ODT) und PDF-Format.


  • Description of the work process of international projects teams, giving advice for project managers how to proceed.
  • Description of the the conditions, the labour situation, the demands and the challenges of international projects, where the project members are situatated at different physical locations and where the project members belong to different cultures, e.g. different nationalities. The term “Project Culture” and its meaning for the success of projects is explained. The social process of a team development, called “The Project Team Development Cycle” is used to explain how a project proceeds from the point of view of the relations between the project team members. Advice is given to project managers for each step of the process how to proceed and what to have in mind.


  1. Goals.
  2. Basics.
  3. Intercultural Projects.
  4. Summary.
  5. Sources.

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