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The Hemmerling (R) WEB Ring

A connection by common name, not by blood !

Welcome to the Hemmerling (R) WEB Ring !

What is a WEB ring ?

A WEB ring is a sorted collection of WEB documents with the same or a similar topic, linked by a HTMLfragment. See the HTMLfragment at the bottom, starting with the graphics titled "The Hemmerling (R) WEB Ring" and finishing with the link "Forgot your password ?". The link between the single WEB documents is realized by the links of the HTMLfragment, which point to the WEB site of a WEB ring organisation ( here: Webring.Org ). By mentioning the WEB ring, visitors are invited to travel to related WEB documents. In the means, this increases the traffic for all related WEB documents.

What is this WEB ring about ?

The Hemmerling(R) Community and the Hemmerling(R) WEB Ring are dedicated to all the people, companies and trademarks with the name Hemmerling. The information source for all aspects of Hemmerling

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The WEB ring rules

By joining the WEB ring, you accept that your e-mail account (which must be valid and operative) will be used to send you non-spam, low volume informative messages regarding the WEB ring or the WebRing system itself !

Instructions on how to join

Explanation of the elements of the HTMLfragment

Note that not all elements are available with all WEB rings, due to different software technologies.

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