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TV & Radio

with TV cards of the "Anubis Typhoon" / "KNC One TV Station" and the "Hauppauge DEC" / "Technotrend TT-micro" families

Let me introduce to You, my name is Rolf Hemmerling. I am Your personal guide to TV and radio. Nowadays, by plugging a 'TV card' into a multimedia computer, you may watch TV and listen to radio. A friend of mine owns the TV card Anubis Typhoon Tuner RDS, #50688, another friend owns the TV settop box Hauppauge DEC2000-t, Modell 164. With these I played around a little bit.

Please note that both me and my friend just have german W2K and Win98SE operating systems, and that some information might just be true just for Germany. Notation on this page: "x" = checked option, "o" = unchecked option.

The TV card 'Anubis Typhoon Tuner RDS', #50688, revision D2 The TV card 'Anubis Typhoon Tuner RDS', #50688, revision B1

"Anubis Typhoon Tuner RDS", #50688 and "KNC One TV Station RDS, with BT878 chip"

TV card resources, with focus on "analog" TV cards with stereo TV sound and stereo FM Radio

Software for ( infrared ) "TV" remote control devices

Interactive TV ( iTV )

Resources for analog TV card software by third parties

Siemens Gigaset M 740 AV

The box of the TV settop box 'Hauppauge DEC2000-T', Modell 164 The TV settop box 'Hauppauge DEC2000-T', Modell 164 Philips 200P3M monitor with video input

"Hauppauge DEC2000-t" / "Technotrend TT-micro plus" in use with "Philips 200P3M"

TV cards with BDA drivers for Windows

Digital Radio ( DAB, DRM, PacketRadio,.. ) resources

DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C resources

TV guides

Hemmerling (R) EPG - Electronic Program Guide

TV guide software

Resources for VHS video recorders, which cooperate with settop boxes

Resources for VHS players and VHS recorders, without TV tuner

Audiovison - picture, video, audio and animation processing

GEZ & legal matters with TV and radio

Newsgroups about TV cards

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