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Virtual Reality

Blender, Amorphium,..

Artifical landscapes

Creation of 3D and 4D objects

Interior Decoration

Measuring instruments needed for light design


Project: Light planning


3D GameStudio

The book and the online magazine

I got the german book ( in german language )

Authors Johann Lotter, Reinhard Wissdorf
Title Game-Studio 3D
Publishing house Tewi-Verlag
ISBN 3-89362-438-4

It features the only shareware version of the VGT ( Virtual Game Toolkit ) by CONITEC Datensysteme ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ), which is available on the accompanying CD. For the current release of this product, now called 3D GameStudio, there is a full version as german book ( in german language )

Author -
Title 3D Game Studio
Publishing house Sybex Publishing
ISBN 3-8155-9687-4

and a trial version. Here is a comparison between the old shareware version and new trial version:

Shareware version Trial version
Release date 30.01.1996 2000
WED editor conitec WEDS restricted world editor Vers. 2.9 1996 WED demo/trial version 4.3
3D engine runtime conitec ACKNEX virtual game engine V3.302 - NONREGISTERED VERSION A4 engine V4.181
Level editor yes yes
Modell editor no yes
Number of levels 1 unlimited ?
Maximum number of vertics ( walls + things + actors ) per level 1000 unlimited ?
Maximum resolution 320x400 640x480
Colors 256 64K
Light sources ? white
Transparency ? fixed 50%
Particles ? yes
Actors, weapons Sprites Sprites, modells
Maps no yes
FLIC player no no
AVI scene player no no
CD audio support no no
Operating system MSDOS ( protected mode ), DOS box of WIN95/98 WIN95/98, W2K
Sound card support Soundblaster, Adlib, Roland MPU (but not Gravis Ultrasound, Microsoft SoundSystem ) Windows audio devices
2 player mode no yes ( split screen )
Several windows no no
Client/Server mode no no
Controlling of external devices no no
Resource compiler no no
File packer no no
Watermark in frame at runtime no yes
Technical support (by E-Mail) no no
Publication no no
Expiration of the runtime engine never 30 days
Expiration of the runtime engine never some minutes

WDL - the "World Description Language"

Textures, models and tools

Audiovision - video and sound processing software

Image processing software and screendump tools

Panorama pictures

GIF, ICO and PNG pictures and animation

Programming and miscellaneous

Multimedia authoring tools

Some other 3D engines

AUTODESK 3D-Studio Release 4, 3D-Studio MAX

3D Hardware

Conversion from CAD and 3D to VRML


CAD software for VRML, general CAD software

Special CAx software

Paper Models

Newsgroups, forums, communities

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