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[hemmerling] The ATARI-ST, the ATARI Falcon & the world of Digital Data Deicke

The DDD editon of the ATARI Falcon The external "Digital Data Deicke" harddisk for ATARI-ST The external "Digital Data Deicke" harddisk for ATARI-ST The ATARI-ST

History and Motivation for this Page

  • Once I owned an ATARI-ST computer with 4 MByte RAM, a MEGAFILE harddisk with 2 x 60 MBytes capacity, a color and a monochrome monitor. I was running the operating system ATARI-TOS with GEM and the realtime operating systemsRTOS-UH and Microware OS-9.
  • In Summer 2004, I got as gift for free.
    • A modified ”ATARI Falcon” computer, in a “DDD desktop case”, by DDD Digital Data Deicke, with external CD-ROM SCSI drive. With the special “DDD desktop case”, the joystick jacks 0 and 1 are exchanged, i.e. you must plug in the mouse in jack 1 instead of jack 0 !
    • An ATARI Mega-ST 2, with external harddisk “ddd MicroDisk” by “DDD Digital Data Deicke” and with “ddd HD-Modul II” by DDD Digital Data Deicke for high density diskdrives.

Free ATARI-ST Software

ATARI-ST Administration Software, ATARI-ST Drivers

ATARI-ST Internet Software

General ATARI-ST Download Archives


Operating Systems, GUIs, Compilers and Development Systems for ATARI-ST



C Compilers


ATARI Developer Communities

Free and Giftware ATARI-ST Emulators


      • The OpenSource Emulators,Inc. "Gemulator 9" for Windows.
      • Gemulator Classic 3.8 - free Atari ST emulator for MS-DOS.
        • With this version, the virtual disk files (CDRIVE, VHD, DDRIVE.VHD, EDRIVE.VHD, FDRIVE.VHD) and the bootsector STHDBOOT.SEC are included. You may configure the configuration file GEMUL8R.INI so that You don´t need the very-special EPROM card armed with the original ATARI-TOS EPROMS anymore. Here You may download my personal gemul8r.ini file.
  1. The OpenSource ATARI-ST emulator BerliOS "Hatari", Sourceforge "Hatari", Sourceforge "Hatari" for Linux.
  2. The Giftware Frédéric Gidouin "PaCifiST" for MSDOS - “An Atari ST emulator for the PC”.
  3. The free ATARI-ST emulator SainT for Windows.
  4. The discontinued Shareware ATARI-ST emulator "Mark Slagell - TOSBOX" for MSDOS.
  5. The OpenSource ATARI-ST emulator “WinSTon”.



Forums, Newsgroups

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