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Free Music Hosting

Free Music

Commercial Music Collections & Commercial Royalty-free Collections of Music, Audio Samples and Loops, MIDI Styles

Image, Photo and Video

Free Image and Photo Hosting

  • Flickr by Yahoo - “Fotosharing”.
    • You may upload photos by browser and by smartphone app.
  • Instagram.
    • Upload of photos
      • Officially by smartphone app only.
      • In 2018-07, I failed to post a picture by BlueStacks, due to a software fault: The pictures from the smartphone “Gallery” were postet as “black” photos :-(.
      • With Chrome.
    • You may upload up to 10 photos from your smartphone to an Instagram album.
    • 16:9 landscape photos taken by a smartphone are cut to a square photo, so left and right part of you photos are missing :-(.
    • The smartphone app creates a folder named “Instagram” with a copy of all selected photos on the filesystem of your smartphone?!
  • Openclipart - “Share and Use Images”.
  • Pictrs - “Das Shopsystem für Fotografen”.

Free Photo Stocks and Video Footage

Commercial Photo Stocks and Video Footage

Free Video Hosting

Free Videos

+[[http://av.tib.eu/|Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) - TIB AV-Portal]].

Free Multimedia Hosting

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