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Free Video Editing Tools

Avid Free DV
DaVinci Resolve
  • Blackmagic Design "DaVinci Resolve 18" - “That’s why there’s a free version of DaVinci Resolve, so you can learn how to use the same tools that professional Hollywood artists use”.
  • The software denies to run on my with my “Hewlett-Packard HP 255 G5” notebook with “AMD Radeon R2” graphics card, it hangs at startup while “Loading Fairlight Engine” :-(.
  • “ASUS K95VB” notebook with “nVIDIA GeForce GT740M”.
    • At first, the software denies to run, by the error message at startup :-(:
      • “GPU Configuration Warning. “DaVinci Resolve” is using OpenCL for image processing because the installed NVIDIA driver does not support CUDA 11.0. Upgrade your NVIDIA driver for optimal performance. Alternatively you can manually select OpenCL processing mode to run in the current configuration”.
      • “Intel Hardware Accelleration. Intel hardware accelerated decode and encode have been disabled as the current Intel graphics driver is not compatible with DaVinci Resolve. Please update your drivers to enable this feature”.
      • After some software restarts, “DaVinci Resolve” allows to change the settings. By that “DaVinci Resolve” is ready to operate:
        • “Memory and GPU processing.
          • GPU processing mode [_]Auto [OpenGL].
          • GPU Selection [x]Auto ⇒ “NVIDIA GeForce GT74M”.
      • “Your GPU Compute Capability”.
      • CUDA-enabled products, e.g. CUDA-enabled GeForce products.
      • “Example CUDA Toolkit 11.x Minimum Required Driver Versions”:
        • “CUDA 12.x Windows >=527.41”.
        • “CUDA 11.x Windows >=452.39*”.
Flash Integro
    • VSDC Free Video Editor, for Windows.
    • VSDC Free Video Converter, for Windows.
    • VSDC Free Audio Converter, for Windows.
    • VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber, for Windows.
Movie Creator
Movie Maker for Windows 10 by v3tapps
Windows Movie Maker
  • The free “Windows Movie Maker” for WinXP, Vista, Win7 / Win8.
  • Resources.
    • “Movie Maker is included in the Windows Essentials 2012 program suite”.
    • “Windows Movie Maker” of “Windows Essentials 2012” may both import nor export MP4 videos :-). Additionally, it may import videos in WMV, AVI, DVR, MPEG1, MOD, VOB, 3G2, 3GP,ASF, FLV, K3G, MPEG2, MOV, TTS, ASX, 3GPP format and may export videos in the WMV format.
    • On my Athlon XP2400 computer with Win7, both the web edition and the full edition of “Windows Essentials 2012” refuse to install, directly at start of execution of the installer :-(.
    • “Windows Movie Maker” of “Windows Essentials 2012” stores the absolute the path to a multimedia file in its project. I.e. you can´t move a project with its multimedia files in the same directory or a subdirectory to a new path in the file system, or to a new drive :-(. Thats a strong drawback for archiving a project :-(.
    • On Win10: With “Win10 version 1909”, the installation aborts by the error message “An unknown error occurs. Error: 0x800c0006. Source: UXPlatformLang” :-(. However, the installation works.
    • The installer of “Windows Essentials 2012” just doesn´t create any shortcut or enty in the start menu. You must create a shortcut on the Windows desktop manually, naming the MovieMaker application “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Photo Gallery\MovieMaker.exe”.

Some other Commercial Video Editing Tools

Online Video and Audio Tools

( Video ) Animation Software

Commercial 2D Animation Tools

Online Creation of Animated Movies

  • Xtranormal - “Animated Movies Made Easy! Xtranormal instantly turns your words into a 3D animated movie”.
  • Doodly - “Easily Create Whiteboard Doodle Videos In Minutes!”.

Screenwriting Software


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