[hemmerling] Audiovision 9/9 - Video Making & Audio Making

Play Music and Record Video on Smartphones

    1. “Shoot Video While Playing Music with iPhone's Trick”.
    2. “Shoot Videos with Music Playing with Instagram”.
    • This Instagram video documents that it is possible to record a personal “full playback” video in several takes:
      • While a smartphone plays a song, the smartphone owner may record a video using the smartphone cam.
      • He may continue recording the video with another video take, starting with song when it was stopped with the previous video take.
      • So personal video may feature several video takes with continous playing of a song.
      • Or is this video really edited with an editing software, using 3 silent videos and adding a final sound track, and then uploading the final video to Instagram? How did the editor keep the song in sync with the lips of the smartphone owner of 3 different video takes?
    • There are other Instagram videos where just 1 silent video take is ovedubbed by a song. I assume that this was a simple live recording. May this done with a different, more simple approach than the video with 3 video takes?


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