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[hemmerling] Awards

1 Accenture Campus Challenge 2008 - Winner of the "Federal State Finals - Lower Saxony"

Project “Web 2.0 Enterprise Mashup Software-Plattform for the Global Sourcing of non-profit Organizations”, a contribution of the Fachhochschule Hannover, University of Applied Sciences and Arts for the competition ”Accenture Campus Challenge 2008”.

My team was the winner of the “Federal State Finals - Lower Saxony”. So we were among the 9 best german teams in the competition category “Web 2.0 Enterprise Mashups for Global Sourcing”.

We qualified throughout Germany against 87 student teams for the “Germany Finals” in Kronberg.

2 PEARL Programming Competition 1987 - 19.Placement

I participated in the unique ”PEARL Programming Competition” of 1987, organized by “Pearl Vereins e.V.” ( today: Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), GI-Fachausschuß (FA) Echtzeitsysteme real-time (rt) ) and the publishing house Heise-Verlag.

With my contribution, an implementation of the arcade game “Pong” for PEARL, I won the price, as one of 19 entries.

My price was “A Weekend in the Lüneburg Heath” in Summer 1989.

  • Visit of the company Werum ( today: Werum Software & Systems AG ) in Lüneburg, Germany. Walkabout in the facilities, talks with developers and management.
  • 2 days accommodation in the hotel Park-Hotel Lüneburg, in Lüneburg, Germany. Participation in cultural events.

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