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[hemmerling] Bielefeld

Bielefeld, the "Pudding" Town

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  • There was a fishingtrawler called BIELEFELD which belonged to the Norddeutsche Hochseefischerei at Bremerhaven
  • In the 70th, there was a short-range or mid-range airplane (Boing 737 or so) of the Deutsche Lufthansa with the name BIELEFELD.
  • BIELEFELDER LUFT, a peppermint-liqueur with 32%vol., by the manufacturer F.DREESBEIMDIEKE, Bielefeld
  • BIELEFELDER LISTE (List of Bielefeld), a list of goods which may not be sold by big stores situated outside the urban area of a german city, by special request of the administration of a german city. The BIELEFELDER LISTE is not just valid for Bielefeld, but for all german cities.


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