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[hemmerling] Bielefeld

Bielefeld, the "Pudding" Town

  • If foreigners are asked to explain what they know about my hometown Bielefeld, they mention the following subjects, usually: “Dr.Oetker Pudding”, “Bethel”, “Arminia Bielefeld”, “Teutoburger Wald”, “Battle of Varus” or “Battle at the Teutoburg Forest (Teutoburger Wald)”. For many people allover the world, Bielefeld is situated next to Bethel, and not vice-versa.
  • August Oetker, about the topic 'Social networks may help to find a jobs': “In Ostwestfalen Lippe spricht man nicht unbedingt viel und nicht unbedingt mit anderen” ( Source: Lippische Landes-Zeitung, 2004-11-14 ).
  • Udo Lindenberg: “Und sehen wir uns nicht in dieser Welt, dann sehen wir uns in Bielefeld!”, a line from the song “Rätselhaftes Bielefeld”, from the LP “Sister King Kong”, © 1976.
  • Ralph Ruthe #251 - “Hör gut zu Tobias! Mama und Papa sind in einem Zeugen-Schutz-Programm! Deshalb müssen wir jetzt an einen Ort ziehen, von dem keiner weiss dass er existiert!” - “Nach Bielefeld??”.

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  • There was a fishingtrawler called BIELEFELD which belonged to the Norddeutsche Hochseefischerei at Bremerhaven
  • In the 70th, there was a short-range or mid-range airplane (Boing 737 or so) of the Deutsche Lufthansa with the name BIELEFELD.
  • BIELEFELDER LUFT, a peppermint-liqueur with 32%vol., by the manufacturer F.DREESBEIMDIEKE, Bielefeld
  • BIELEFELDER LISTE (List of Bielefeld), a list of goods which may not be sold by big stores situated outside the urban area of a german city, by special request of the administration of a german city. The BIELEFELDER LISTE is not just valid for Bielefeld, but for all german cities.

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