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History and Motivation of this Page

Apple Macintosh Performa 5200 LC-PDS network card "Ethernet A-Series"

  • In Summer 2003, I got as gift for free an Apple Macintosh Performa 5200 computer with 75 Mhz CPU “603PPC”, 40 MByte RAM, Quantum “TRB850A” IDE harddisk, Matshit “ACD-ROM CR-800SA” SCSI CDROM drive ( SCSI-ID: 3 ), “M2980” keyboard and the mouse “Apple Bus Mouse II”. I am running the operating system MacOS 7.5.5, which is available for free as official download.
  • From my point of view, MacOS 7.5.5's equivalent in the Windows world is Wfw 3.11: Internet access with ancient browsers, yes, but .. there is a PPPoE driver for DSL Internet access with MacOS 7.5.5 !
  • Indeed, if you consider which free software does not run on MacOS 7.5.5, a switch to the commercial MacOS 8.1 is very advisable.
  • Third Party User Feedback: “The only thing I would ever pay for to put in the Performa is a battery.” :-)
  • In 2003, when I setup this page on a different URL, I included many links to free software. Now in 2013, most links are invalid. I resigned :-( and didn't start a new Internet research ( to find some of the free software again )...
  • In 2013, I scrapped the computer :-(.


Mac OS and Windows Keyboard Equivalents, for Dummies

Function Mac OS Windows
Eject removable media at boottime Mouse down -
Close dialog without any action ESC ESC
Contextual Menus Control + Click Right Click
Copy a file Option + drag icon Control + drag icon
Create an alias / shortcut Command + M Right Click and choose create shortcut
Create an alias/shortcut in a specific location Command + Option and drag Alt + drag
Item's Info or Properties Command + I Alt + Enter
Move a file Drag icon to location Shift + drag icon
Select additional items without deselecting previously selected items Shift + Click on items Control + Click on items
Select All Command + A Control + A
Send to Trash/Recycle Bin Command + Delete Delete
Startup with Extensions Off / Safe Mode Shift F8
Switch to next active application Command + Tab Alt + Tab

How to build MacOS 7.5.5 from scratch !


  • My strategy, based on the instructions of Marc Hoffman and Michael Hutchison:
    • Get the ROM images of a 68K Macintosh, install a Macintosh Emulator. On Linux, activate support for the HFS file system. On Windows, please install the “HFVExplorer”, too.
    • Especially, get “Disk Copy 6.33” ( 68k + PPC ), “Stuffit 5.5” ( 68k + PPC ), “Disk Tools 7.5.3” ( 68K → “Disk Tools 1” , PPC → ” Disk Tools 2” ), the “Joliet Volume Access” extension, Open Transport 1.1.2 and OT/PPP 1.0, Open Transport 1.3 Update, Appearance Manager 1.0.4 and File System Manager 1.2.
    • The “Disk Tools” disk images are your 68K and PPC bootdisks.
    • Download the full installation archive of MacOS 7.5.3 and the update to 7.5.5, and install it on the Macintosh emulator, with the help of the 68K bootdisk.
    • You can do a full installation “Universal System for any Macintosh”, but you must exclude the system extension “A/ROSE” for use with some Mac emulators like “Basilisk II”. If you forget, the emulator crashes. Remember that by keeping the shift key pressed at startup, all extensions are disabled so that “A/Rose” can be safely moved out of the extensions folder.
    • Install “Disk Copy” and “Stuffit” in this order.
    • Modify the PPC bootdisk on a Macintosh emulator, by deleting the two files in the root directory and adding the “Joliet Volume Access” extension to the system folder.
    • Access to ( some ) non-Apple CDROM / DVD / CD-RW drives is granted by special or modified CDROM drivers ( see below ). On a boot disk, the “Apple CDROM 5.3.1 driver” is best choice, as replacement for the original driver of MacOS 7.5.5.
    • There is still plenty of space left on the bootdisk to add a driver for an IOMEGA ZIP drive.
    • All other ( installation ) software is transfered on a standard “ISO9600” or “Joliet” CD.
    • As a result, the recording of a CD with “hybrid” or “HFS” format is avoided !
    • When using a non-HFS CDROM for data transfer ( Joliet, ISO9600,.. ), the file attributes get lost. For execution and extraction, You must drag .img files on the “DiskCopy” icon and .bin, .hqx, .smi files on the “Stuffit” icon on you desktop. If you click on the files, you get mostly system crashes, and not just simple error messages !
  • “Disk Tool” disks images of 1441 KB size did not work for me.
  • For accessing IS9600 CDROMS with MacOS 7.5.5, either the “Joliet Volume Access” extension or both the system extensions “Foreign File Access” and “ISO9600 File Access” are necessary.
  • Sometimes, copying big .hqx files to floppyies just works by making a temporary copy on a harddisk, so that the space-consuming conversion from .hqx to .bin is safely done on the harddisk and not on the space-limited floppy !




IP Address Macintosh Setting “CLASS” Macintosh Setting “NET” Macintosh Setting “SUBNET” Macintosh Setting “NODE” C 12625921 - 4 C 12625920 - 5



  • Apple_CD-ROM_D-5.3.1 - generic SCSI CDROM driver.
  • DVD_SW_Update_1.1 - The “Apple CD/DVD Driver 1.2” can be extracted from the file “Apple DVD Software Tome”.
    • The “Apple TomeViewer 1.3.d3” is needed for file extraction from “Tome” archives.
  • iomega Support - “ZIP/REV”.

How to record a CDROM in "HFS" format, for no extra price !

  • The CD recording software “Disk Burner” is integrated in MacOS 9.
  • Use the cdrecord tools of Jörg Schilling to record a CDROM in “HFS” format, on Linux, W2k / WinXP and MacOS-X.


Flatbed Scanners

  • Some Mustek scanners with SCSI interface, like my “Mustek MFS 6000CX”, are shipped with MacOS 7.5.5 drivers, on the downloadable “AX Scan Tool Disk”:
    • “TWAIN Data Source” driver, an “Adobe Photoshop” compatible plugin.
    • “ISIS” ( “Image and Scanner Interface Specification” ) driver.

Printer Drivers for Mac


  • Quicktime Standalone Installer / Full Installer.
    • Quicktime 4.03 for MacOS 7.5.5, 68K only.
    • Quicktime 5.05 for MacOS 7.5.5, PPC only.
    • Quicktime 6.03 for MacOS 8.6.

System Enabler

Free Software

Free Development Systems

Developer Resources


Internet Software for MacOS

Internet Software Resources


Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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