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Bill Woodland ( "Squeek" )

Michael 'Mickey' Sattler

Marc Manthey

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Tips for running a WHITE PINE 2.X CU-SEEEME client

Please setup the client according to the table below, the numeric values are for 28.8 Kbps modem connections. For WHITE PINE 2.X clients only (not for 3.X clients): For closing a single video window, be shure not to close it manually, but to close all video windows at one by using the function “Window/Close all” or by pressing the appropriate button with the closed eye at the button line in the main CU-SEEME window!

Edit/Preferences/Conferencing/Open video windows automatically off For WHITE PINE 2.X clients only !
Edit/Preferences/Conferencing/Close video windows automatically off For WHITE PINE 2.X clients only !
Edit/Preferences/Communication/Transmission Rate Maximum 15
Edit/Preferences/Communication/Transmission Rate Minimum 2
Edit/Preferences/Communication/Reception Rate Maximum 28
Edit/Preferences/Communication/Reception Rate Minimum 2
Window/Audio/Speaker crossed out by a green bar
Window/Audio/Microphone crossed out by a green bar

Launching CU-SeeMe from a Web Document

These are my favourite CU-SeeMe reflectors (Note: This section is just for demonstration, the CU-SeeMe reflectors are off !)

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