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[hemmerling] ELAN ( Educational LANguage ) / EUMEL ( Extendable Multi User Microprocessor ELAN-System )

Anecdote: Pascal as "Killer" of ELAN

Quotations from the document "" ( - 2005-02-08 ):

“ELAN, an educational language defined in Germany in 1974, which was implemented in 1978 in Bielefeld by Reiner Hahn ea, later at the GMD in Bonn made into a full-blown multi-user environment for educational use on microcomputers (EUMEL)... Elan was used in the eighties in teaching at many secondary schools in West-Germany, Belgium and even The Netherlands, until the bureaucrats found out that it is not Pascal...”.

C.H.A. Koster, 180994 Dept Comp Sci, University of Nijmegen ,The Netherlands,


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