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[hemmerling] The World Exposition EXPO2000 in Hannover, Germany

Let me introduce to You, my name is Rolf Hemmerling. I am Your personal guide to the EXPO2000 in Hannover, Germany ! I visited the EXPO several times with the special-priced evening ticket (“Abendticket”). On 2000-07-01, the Canadian Nation Day, I was invited by to visit the EXPO2000 by Wayne Bell of The Digital Group of Telehealth Companies. On 2000-10-31, my evening ticket was sponsored by N-Joy Radio. Here are some impressions of the Canadian participation:

The Canadian Pavillion

Documentation of the Place of Event


  • The canadian TV broadcasting service WETV (spoken “we TV”) presents its work in a broacasting studio in the theme park section Basic Needs, hall 6.
  • Canada is advertising for its pavillion on the EXPO 2000 even on a regular bus running in Hannover, and on the passenger TV ( “Fahrgastfernsehen” ) of the new silver trams in Hannover.
  • In the mid of July 2000 ( until 2000-07-14 ), canadian Cree-Indianer visited the GlobalHouse on the EXPO 2000.
  • In early August 2000, youth people from 14 countries discussed at the Internationales Jugendforum ( international forum of the youth) on the EXPO 2000 about racism and hostility against strangers. The event closed with a press conference at the Canadian Pavillion.
  • On 2000-09-05, ice-hockey was played outside the Canadian Pavillion (without ice!).

The Hannover Principles

General EXPO2000 Resources

EXPO2000 Visitor's Reports

Critical Opinions about EXPO2000

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