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History and Motivation for this Page

  • “More than just a toy !” Literally translated quotation from the letter of the official fischertechnik fan club, November 1999: “Even though fischertechnik is not available anymore or hard to find in many toy stores: fischertechnik is still present, and things go on as they were !” I agree with that !
  • This document is about the construction kits of fischertechnik, and it is not affiliated with the manufactorer of fischertechnik, fischerwerke.
  • I am still interested to buy fischertechnik kits (especially FT-Electronics, FT-Electromechanics, FT-Pneumatics FT-Profi Pneumatics, all FT-Computing kits including FT-Mobile Robots, FT-Profi-Sensorics (old and new kit), FT-Industry Robots, FT-Profi Solar, FT-Focus Kits, all electronics/electromechanics items (amperemeter em8, counter em6,..) and all items of the FT-RC controlling kits (RC sender; RC receiver = wheel drive and servo; servo for handle-bar and gear-switching), for very low prices. So if You live in Europe (likely in Germany, because of the postal rates) and if You just don't need Your fischertechnik kits from Your youth anymore, then please contact me.

fischertechnik Projects

Project "Paketwendeanlage"

  • In autumn 1999, I wrote a complete embedded software for controlling a miniature modell of an installation for turning parcels ( “Paketwendeanlage” ) of the fischertechnik construction kit 30330 Profi Computing. The modell is controlled by an 80537 microcontroller board.

Project "Sammelwahn"

fischertechnik distribution






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  1. Internet Publishing GbR, computer-magazin 9 "Modelle" - “Wir wollen diesmal das fischertechnik-Schulprogramm vorstellen”.
  2. Archive.org "Christian Kramer - Linux Robots" ( - 2004-01-03 ) - “Auf dieser Page wird eine Möglichkeit vorgestellt, wie man Modellroboter recht einfach mit Linux betreiben kann”.
  3. LLWin - Maybe you can run “LLWin” on Linux with WineHQ.
  4. Rainer Pennekamp, R-P-E Automatisierungstechnik "fischertechnik" - “Damit ich meine entwickelten Programme effektiv testen kann, habe ich aus Fischertechnik eine Umfangreiche Modellanlage aufgebaut”.

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