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[hemmerling] Girls

  • What I don´t want in my life is described precisely in the song ”Breakfast in America” by ”Supertramp”: “Take a look at my girlfriend / She's the only one I got / Not much of a girlfriend / Never seem to get a lot”.
  • My way of life “If a girl does not fulfill simple criteria ( like beeing pretty after one look into her face, and her body; naturality, nice voice ), it does not make sense to explore the more advanced criteria ( the 'character' LOL, common interests )”.
  • I love and live the movie title Life Is Too Short to Dance with Ugly Women :-).
  • What kind of girls I like is described by the type of popular girls, popular ladies and female VIPs listed here. They impressed me deeply as female beings, not just as artists, only:



TV / Radio Ladies




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