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VisiQuest / Khoros Pro


Some other Commercial Image Processing Software Tools

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Open Computer Vision Library ( OpenCV ), an OpenSource Image Processing Software SDK

The Tool
.NET Wrapper

Python Imaging Library (PIL) & OpenCV Wrapper for Python

  • Book “Jan Erik Solem: Programming Computer Vision with Python: Tools and Algorithms for Analyzing Images” - See Python 3/5 - Literature.
  • Book “Joseph Howse: OpenCV Computer Vision with Python” - See Python 3/5 - Literature.
  • “OpenCV 3” is shipped with Python 2.7 support :-).


ZXing ( "Zebra Crossing" )

Commercial Image Processing Software SDKs

Image Processing with Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks & Deep Learning Methology

Image Databases

Image Generation




"GoogLeNet" and other Neuronal Networks


  • Use Case “Car type regcognition by photo”
    • Proceedings:
      • Picture of a car - Feature vector - Classifier → Lookup database, resulting “This is a VW Golf IV”.
      • Picture of a car - Feature Extraction - Classification - Convolutional and pooling layers.
      • Convolution - Pooling - Softmax.
    • The photocamera device ( the Smartphone ...) might communicate with the online services by a REST API.
  • Experts told me, that You need much computing power for training neuronal networks. For execution of the trained neuronal network, you need relatively little computing power.
  • Experts told me, that neuronal networks might be better suitable for image recognition than traditional image processing tools / frameworks like OpenCV, as the neuronal networks may have the advantage to consider “interrelations in space”.


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Hardware, Drivers & Software for Image Processing

Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) / Image2Text Conversion

Free Online Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) Services


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