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Grit Coverage / Network Coverage for Germany

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Remote Access to Telephone Mailboxes

  • 1&1 Control-Center "DSL und Phone" → Click on “vv Weitere Einstellungen und Services vv”, select “Administration / Rufnummern verwalten”.
    • DSL / The Grid - FritzBox mailbox.
      • The local FritzBox must be activated at the FritzBox Webserver, by providing a 4-digit pin.
      • From remote telephones, call your own phone number, and if the answering machine starts, type ”#” followed by your 4-digit pin.
      • From local telephone, e.g. FRitzFon, type “* * 600”.
    • DSL / The Grid - 1&1 Mailbox.
      • At 1&1 Control Center, you can setup your 1&1 mailbox and the 4-digit pin.
      • From local telephone, call your own phone number e.g. “0511 2347019”. Type in the 4-digit pin.
      • From any other phone, dial the general 1&1 mailbox telephone number “0721-6090011”. To select your message box, by request, enter your phone number ( with leading 0, e.g. “0511 2347019” ) followed by a ”#”. Enter your 4-digit pin followed by ”#” by request.
    • “E-Plus” Grid, as of 2015-10.
        • From the smartphone with the E-Plus contract, phonebook entry “Mailbox E-Plus”, telephone number “9911”. There is no password.
        • For my telephone number “01522 8957694”, from any other phone, I must dial “01522 55” followed by my telephone number “8957694”, i.e. “01522 55 8957694”.
          • Enter “*” and then by request your password You once setup for this phone number. Attention, it is not necessarily a 4-digit number, but can be a much longer alphanumeric password.
          • If you forgot your once-set password, enter instead ”#” and the password is sent to your smartphone by SMS.

Mobile Phoning


Cable / Fixed-Line Internet Service Providers

ADSL ( DSL & Cable Internet )

Cable Internet



  • QSC AG - ”Q-DSLmax”.
  • T-Systems - “T-DSL Business 1000 symmetrisch”, “T-DSL Business 2000 symmetrisch”.
  • HTP, Hannover - “htp Net Business Direct”.

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