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Light Design

    • The free software “DIALux 4.12” for classical computers of the 2000ths with 32-bit PentiumIV CPU and with DirectX 9 / OpenGL graphics card, running W2k / WinXP.
      • “DIALux 4.7.5” is one of the last known editions which still installs and runs properly on computers with PentiumIII CPU ( e.g. Athlon XP2400 ).
      • “DIALux 4.12” is just dedicated to run on computers with PentiumIV CPU and its successors.
    • The free software “DIALux evo” for computers with SSE2 enabled CPUs ( e.g. AMD Athlon X64, Intel Atom CPU N455... ) and with OpenGL graphics card, running Win7.
      • 32 / 64 bit:
        • “32bit - Install the 32 bit DIALux evo version, if you need to import DIALux 4 projects”.
        • “64bit - Install the 64 bit DIALux evo version to build and calculate larger projects. This version does not support the import of DIALux 4 projects”.
      • OpenGL / DirectX:
        • DIALux evo 3 is the latest version with DirectX 10 support. No DirectX 9 support.
        • DIALux evo 4.0, 4.1 - No DirectX support at all.
      • You can´t install two editions of DIALux on one Windows system at the same time :-(.
    • The free software ReluxPro – 2014.2.0.3 of ReluxSuite 2014.2, for computers of the 2000ths with 32-bit PentiumIV CPU ( e.g. AMD Sempron 3600+ ) and with DirectX 9 graphics card, running on Win7.
    • The free software ReluxPro – 2007 of ReluxSuite 2007 on my Athlon XP200 computer, Nvidia GForce 6600 DirectX 9 / OpenGL graphics card with 256 MB RAM.
      • Works well using W2k with Nvidia drivers :-).
      • Doesn´t run on Win7 with Nvidia drivers :-(, but aborts with an error message at start. Same error with newer versions, e.g. ReluxSuite 2009 and ReluxSuite 2014.

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