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Reading books, magazines and newspapers in Hannover, Bielefeld and elsewhere

  • Reading books, magazines and newspapers “for free” is quiet easy and comfortable in Hannover. At first, You may use the public libraries: TIB - Technische Informationsbibliothek Hannover, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek ( formerly: NLB - Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek ), the public city library STADTBIBLIOTHEK HANNOVER ). Both newspapers and magazines may be read very well in all big supermarkets (REAL, MARKTKAUF,..), at the bookstores in the main railway station You are limited to read magazines. Electronic and computer magazines may be read completly at the electronic store CONRAD. With Bielefeld, it is similar: Besides the public city library STADTBIBLIOTHEK BIELEFELD, the university library of University of Bielefeld, CONRAD, the big supermarkets, there is a bookstore at the main railway station, too. In Hamburg, however, You may not read anything at all three main railway stations ( Altona, Hauptbahnhof, Harburg ) !
  • Daily newspapers are thrown away after a very short time, in Hannover: Current newspapers of the day may be found in the waste-paper baskets at stopping places of the public transport system, in the shopping zones in the centre of a town and nearby shopping centres, in the special “blue” large waste-paper containers, often already towards noon. So, a glimpse in each waste-paper basket can be a bargain, definitely !
  • In public libraries, You may also do photocopies of selected articles.
  • But for now, You are in the Internet, and there is no reason not to get it from here, if it is available :-).

Local Paper Newspapers, local Paper Magazines and local Websites for Hannover

Local Newspapers

Local Online Magazines

Local Paper Magazines

Local Student Magazines

Regional Paper Newspapers

Local Paper Newspapers, local Paper Magazines and local Websites for Bielefeld / OWL

Local Newspapers

  • Neue Westfälische - “Tageszeitung für Bielefeld, Bad Oeynhausen, Bünde, Enger, Spenge, Gütersloh, Herford, Höxter, Löhne, Lübbecke, Paderborn, Warburg”.
    • OWL-Online - “Der gemeinsame Onlinedienst der Neuen Westfälischen, dem Mindener Tageblatt und der Lippischen Landes-Zeitung”.
  • “Bielefeld heute - Zeitung für die Stadt Bielefeld” / “OWL am Sonntag” - free weekly newspaper by the team of Westfalen-Blatt.

Local Online Newspaper

Local Paper Magazines

Regional Paper Magazines

Local Radios

The Fight against Forced Distribution of Free Advertising Magazines and Flyers


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