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[hemmerling] Texas Hold 'em Poker - A Template for modern Management

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Texas Hold 'em Poker ( Free )

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Game Theory & Management Theory

Finite & infinite Games

  • Finite games ( sokker, tennis ... ) - The objective is winning :-).
  • Infinite games ( poker, business ) - The objective is NOT winning :-(, but to be able to continue the game infinitely, i.e. to make continuous profits :-).

Goals as Decision Maker

  • The goal as decision maker / manager / entrepreneur:
    • Making better decisions than others ( making more profits ).
    • Making better decisions than last month ( further development ).

Results & Decisions

  • Results describe the past ⇒ Result-oriented thinking is bad :-(.
  • Decisions determine the future ⇒ Decision-oriented thinking is positive :-).

Gambling - Strategy Game

  • Texas Hold 'em poker - Strategy game :-).
  • 5 card draw poker = Gambling :-(

Poker Principles

1. Just play 20% of the Games

  • Experts told me, that successful poker player play just 20% of the games.
    • So with 80% of the games, they “fold” their 2 cards ( “Hole Cards”, “Pocket Cards” ).
    • If a player has a good hand of cards, however, he plays.
  • For decision maker / manager / entrepreneur: Just invest your resources in good deals, which promise success and profit. Don't make business if the business conditions are bad.

2. Tight Agressive ( TAG )

3. Play more if you are in a good Position

  • The value of a Poker game: Position, position, position :-).
  • The later a player must place his bet, the more information he has. The “button” is the last who places the bet.
  • So if a player is in a good position, he plays more often.

Level of Expertness, Level Thinking ( Thinking in Levels ) - What a Player is considering for Decision-Making

  1. Own cards.
  2. What cards do the other player have?
  3. What do other players think, what cards I have?
  4. What do other players think, what I think, what cards they have?

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Texas Hold 'em Poker

Five-Card Draw Poker ( Cantrell Draw )

  • Most Western movies & TV series.



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