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[Hemmerling] Renesas Interactive

The Company

MPU Family RENESAS RX ( formerly: Mitsubishi )

The CPU Family

  • The RX family is the successor of both:
  • The RX111 may be configured to handle little endian and big endian, due to the origin from Hitachi and Mitsubishi.
  • Due to the Harvard architecture, writing of Flash during normal CPU and board operation is possible and a standard feature.
  • The RX family is for industry automation ( 24x7x... 10 or 20 years) use only, not for automotive ( just 8000h lifetime guaranteed ) use.

Development Tools

Free IDEs, Compilers

Commercial IDEs

Free Libraries

Flash Programming

    • There is a full-blown “GUI” version and a “Basic” version for production, which may be used both by GUI and by console ( and which is so scriptable ).
    • How to flash:
      1. Select “Generic Boot Device”:
        1. USB Direct.
        2. E1.
        3. Serial.
      2. Clockspeed:
        1. “Enter the CPU crystal frequency” = 12.
        2. “Main Clock” = 8.
        3. “Peripheral Clock” = 4.
  • Debugging is possible even with bootloader installed :-), e.g. in opposite to the Atmel 8-bit hardware.

Free Online Development Tools


My RENESAS Promotional Board RPBRX111 with RX111 MPU

  • Glyn "ENESAS RX111 Workshop" - Download of development software “Renesas E2 Studio” for WIndows. A free license key is generated during installation of “Renesas E2 STudio” :-).
  • My target board: “Rx100 → Rx111, 64pin, R5F51115AxFM”.
  • GUI DEMO” is the original firmware for my board.
  • A host server application to display graphics in a browser, written in Pyton, is part of the workshop material. See “WSRX111 / USB LIBUS / HostPC”.
  • If the bootloader installed on the eval board, should be killed someday somehow, you may ask a distributor ( e.g. Glynn ) to send you a Motorola Hex file with the data...


Functional Safety Solution Kits


SAKURA BOARD for the Gadget Renesas Project ( Ardunio Board Format )

Renesas V850 Family ( formerly NEC )

  • Renesas V850 Family → CAN bus ports which can run in different speeds ?!.
  • ucLinux is a operating system with V850 support → See Linux.
  • The V850 family is dededicated for automotive use only ( just 8000h lifetime guaranteed ) , not for industry automation ( 24x7x... 10 or 20 years).

Renesas RZ/Five general-purpose Microprocessor Units (MPUs)

Some other CPUs and MPUs

Starter Kits

Free Operating Systems


Communities, Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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