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Computer & Electronics & Software Shops, Computer Repair Services and Market Events

Bielefeld - Computer & Photo Shops, Computer Repair Services

Hannover - Computer Shops, Computer Repair Services and Market Events

Germany - Computer Shops and Electronics Shops

Germany - Photo and Video Equipment Shops

Second-Hand Hardware

Second-Hand Software

Budget Software

Book Shops

Bielefeld - Local Paper Book Shops

Hannover - Local Paper Book Shops

Germany - Paper Book Shops

International - Paper Books Shops

Commercially downloadable Books

Book Sharing & Book Exchange

Discounters, Supermarkets, Stores


Bielefeld / OWL - Discounters, Supermarkets, Butchers, Bakeries

Food Shops


Directories of Market Places


Hannover - Discounters, Supermarkets

  • NORMA in Bergkamen, Kamen, Unna, Holzwickede, Dortmund, Hannover,... Celle/Garßen, ... .

Germany ( not in the Regions of Bielefeld and Hannover ) - Discounters, Supermarkets, Bakeries

Bielefeld / OWL - Stores

Hannover - Stores

Just Online Sales, Germany

  • myEnso - “Willkommen beim Supermarkt der Zukunft. myEnso ist der erste Supermarkt, der gemeinsam mit den Kunden entwickelt wird”. “Sei auch du dabei, gestalte myEnso mit - und freu dich auf bis zu 25.000 Produkte und viele einzigartige Food-Start-ups!”.

Food Delivery Services

( Supermarket ) Food Delivery Services

Lunch Delivery Services

Lunch Cooking Box Delivery Services

Soft Drink Delivery Services

Directories for Regional German Sales Market


Do-It-Yourself Stores


Ostwestfalen-Lippe - Furniture Stores

Hannover - Second Hand ( Furniture ) Stores

Online Furniture Stores

Bielefeld / OWL - Clothes

  • Action, Nordpark Apfelstraße, Apfelstraße 8, D-33613 Bielefeld.
    • 2 black shoestrings ( German “Schnürsenkel” ) = 120cm, 150cm.
    • 2 black & 2 brown shoestrings ( German “Schnürsenkel” ) = 75cm, 90cm.

Bielefeld / OWL - Restaurants

Bielefeld - Restaurants

Lage - Restaurants


Bielefeld / OWL - Gold Jewellery Purchase

  1. JNC "Goldankauf Bielefeld" ( Ad ), Obernstraße 4 (Alter Markt), D-33602 Bielefeld.
  2. DIRI Goldhandel, Obernstraße 23, 33602 Bielefeld.
  3. Schmidt Gold An- und Verkauf, August-Bebel-Str. 2, 33602 Bielefeld.
  4. Google My Business "Goldankauf Bielefeld", August-Bebel Straße 11, D-33602 Bielefeld.
  5. Google My Business "Zelal Goldankauf juwelier kuyumculuk", August-Bebel-Straße 97B, D-33602 Bielefeld.
  6. GOLDANKAUF BIELEFELD Sauerland & Stürmann GbR, Am Bach 1a, D-33602 Bielefeld.
  7. Goldankauf Hänle, Herbert-Hinnendahl-Straße 5, D-33602 Bielefeld.
  8. Goldstop Bielefeld, Alfred-Bozi-Str. 21-22, D-33602 Bielefeld.
  9. Das Örtliche "Gold & Antiquitäten Ankauf Antonio", Jöllenbecker str. 277, D-33613 Bielefeld - Gellershagen ( = “Pelz & Goldankauf Bielefeld”.
  10. Juwelierkemal Kemal Happani, Hauptstraße 115, D-33647 Bielefeld.
  11. Goldankauf Bielefeld - Brackwede, Hauptstrasse 51, D-33647 Bielefeld/Brackwede.
  12. Rabe Edelmetall OHG "Bielefeld", but Google names “Floraweg 16, D-32278 Kirchlengern”.

Professional Photographers

Bielefeld - Barbers, Hair Cutters

Special Sales for Germany

Some other shop malls and shop portals

Global Sales Platforms

Just International

  • Flipkart, India - You need a ”+91” phone number for registration.

International, also for Germany

Rental Services

  • “There is hardware, software and repository ware” ( “Es gibt Hardware, Software und Schrank-Ware” ) :-).
  • Elekto Rent Europe - “Electronic test equipment rentals and used electronic test quipment sales from top manufacturers of test and measurement equipment”.
  • - “Leihen und verleihen. Du hast etwas im Keller, was andere brauchen oder suchst etwas, was andere haben könnten?”.

Free and commercial Expert Services

Product Rating, Service Rating

Questions & Answers

Price Comparison & Product Comparison Services

German Services

International Services


Bargain Offer Directories

Directories for free Services, free Products and free Offers

Gifts & Tobolas

Auctions, Swap Communities, Group Shopping, Rebate Shopping, Discount Shopping

Classical Online Auctions

  1. Amibay - “A site dedicated to retro trading. A community based trading site. We are dedicated to hardware and software for both home computers and consoles since the beginning of computing and gaming”.
  2. FEININGER Auktion - “Der Service ist für Bieter und Anbieter kostenlos !”.

Auctions with special Business Models

Search Engines for Auctions

Auction Helper Tools

Swap Meets / Swap Communities / Swap Platforms

  • Hitflip - “Die größte Tauschcommunity für DVDs, Spiele, Musik-CDs, Bücher und Hörbücher”.

Group Shopping, Rebate Shopping, Discount Shopping

Group Shopping Meta Services

Coupon Business, Group Shopping Services

Rebate / Discount Business



Forums, Newsgroups

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