[hemmerling] Sales Market, Buying, Vendors, Stores and Auctions

Sales Market by Industry / Product Categories

Local Computer Shops, Computer Repair Services and Market Events for Hannover

Global Computer Shops and Electronics Shops for Germany

Global Photo and Video Equipment Shops for Germany

Global Sales Platforms

Just International

  • Flipkart, India - You need a ”+91” phone number for registration.

International, also for Germany


Local Furniture Stores

Second Hand ( Furniture ) Stores

Online Furniture Stores

Do-It-Yourself Handcraftmanship


Local Do-It-Yourself Stores

Online Do-It-Yourself Stores

Discounters, Supermarkets, Stores

Point of Sales, Germany

Just Online Sales, Germany

  • myEnso - “Willkommen beim Supermarkt der Zukunft. myEnso ist der erste Supermarkt, der gemeinsam mit den Kunden entwickelt wird”. “Sei auch du dabei, gestalte myEnso mit - und freu dich auf bis zu 25.000 Produkte und viele einzigartige Food-Start-ups!”.

Point of Sales, France

General France, Sarreguemines

Point of Sales, Croatia

  • Lidl, Kaufland, Müller, DM.
  • Bauhaus, Obi.
  • Lidl, Kaufland.

Market Research

Delivery Services

Community Shops

Directories for Regional Sales Market

Special Sales for Germany

Book Shops

Local Shops - Paper Books

German Shops - Paper Books

International Shops - Paper Books

Commercially downloadable Books

Book Sharing & Book Exchange

Tools for Moderation, Presentations and Workshops

Manufacturers of flipcharts, moveable walls, presentation suitcases,...

Vendors of flipcharts, moveable walls, presentation suitcases,...

Dust-free Chalk / Anti Dust White Chalk


Leather Goods - Wallets, Purse ( Portemonnaie ) , Sheath ( Etui )

Wallets, Purse ( Portemonnaie )
Identity Card Sheath, Certificate Sheath ( Identity Card Etui, Certificate Etui, "Ausweisetui", "Ausweismappe Karten-Etui" )
Bunch of Keys Briefcase ( Bunch of Keys Etui )

Clothes in large Sizes

  • Bruns Männermode in Hannover, Bremen, Oldenburg.
  • MEN+ - “Herrenmode für Freizeit und Büro in Großen Größe”.


  • The online service Spreadshirt - Option to create a T-Shirt “I love POG”, “I love PrEP” :-).

Trousers, Jeans

  • The Jeans manufacuters “Pioneer”, “Paddocks” and “Mustang” have sizes W42, L32 and W44, L32 :-).



  • C&A Marken - “Westbury”.
    • Suit “Westbury” ( 3 parts = sack coat ( “Sakko” ), vest ( “Weste” ), trousers ), size 30, “815/86/29700/916 D”, “A 5758.340 0 030 23”.

Clothes for Outdoor, Bicycle Sports and Rainy Days



House Shoes
Sports Shoes
Street Shoes


Cleaning of Clothes

Flat Equipment, Furnitures

Electric Household Devices ( Refrigerator,...)


  • Schrankrohrlager ( Obi “Schrankausstattung”, at Hannover-Linden shop next to #46 ).


Smoke Detectors

  • Experts told me, that according to the smoke detector manual, the low-frequency peep of the smoke detector which indicates low battery, can be stopped by causing a system check ( i.e. pressing the big button, which causes a high-volume sound ). Afterwards the smoke detector is in “silent” mode again, for some time :-).


Relocation Assistance



Storage Box

  • Storage box of the 1970th & 1980th “Geida 3100-01. Made in Germany”.

Thermos Flask

Can Opener

Pan for Cooking

Sleeping / Bedroom

Personal Cleaning



Second-Hand Software

Budget Software

Rental Services

  • “There is hardware, software and repository ware” ( “Es gibt Hardware, Software und Schrank-Ware” ) :-).
  • Elekto Rent Europe - “Electronic test equipment rentals and used electronic test quipment sales from top manufacturers of test and measurement equipment”.
  • leihdirwas.de - “Leihen und verleihen. Du hast etwas im Keller, was andere brauchen oder suchst etwas, was andere haben könnten?”.

Some other shop malls and shop portals

  • DaWanda - “Unikate, Geschenke, Designer, Taschen, Babysachen & mehr”. You can even sell own goods as private person or startup entrepreneur by this platform.

Free and commercial Expert Services

Product Rating, Service Rating

Questions & Answers

Price Comparison & Product Comparison Services

German Services

International Services


Bargain Offer Directories

Directories for free Services, free Products and free Offers

Gifts & Tobolas

Auctions, Swap Communities, Group Shopping, Rebate Shopping, Discount Shopping

Classical Online Auctions

Auctions with special Business Models

Search Engines for Auctions

Auction Helper Tools

Swap Meets / Swap Communities / Swap Platforms

  • Hitflip - “Die größte Tauschcommunity für DVDs, Spiele, Musik-CDs, Bücher und Hörbücher”.

Group Shopping, Rebate Shopping, Discount Shopping

Group Shopping Meta Services

Coupon Business, Group Shopping Services

Rebate / Discount Business


Professional Photographers

Very special Bonus Shops


Forums, Newsgroups

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