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[Hemmerling] Activities and Services

1 Engineering and IT Services ( as Freelancer by Contract, by Permanent Employment and by Temporary Employment / Integration Leasing )

I offer - in particular gladly with focus on energy efficency - :

  1. Quality Management for Datacenter Service Providers, IT- and Automation, Software & System Development
  2. Consulting for Internet-of-Things ( IOT ) and Industry 4.0.
  3. Project Management
  4. Software & System Development
    1. Conception of Data Acquisition and Instrumentation Systems
    2. Machine-specific Programming, also for Embedded & Realtime Systems
    3. Software for Automation & Process Control
    4. Requirements and Process Analysis, Requirements Management & Testing
    5. Energy Efficient Design.
    6. Structured, Signal Flow, Object- and Component-Oriented Development Approach
    7. Strong Documentation, using UML, BPMN, etc.
  5. Furthermore: Trustworthiness, reliableness, accuracy, continuity, IT competence, sometimes a astonishingly different view on apparently self-evident things, ...

2 CeBIT Competence Store Partner

Figurative mark/Logo of CeBIT Competence Store Partner 2012-01-18 - 2013-03-09, I was CeBIT Competence Store Partner - Business partner of the fair CeBIT and the most important specialised trade event of the Information and Communications Technologies ( ICT ) industry CeBIT Planet Reseller - in the halls 14/15, in 2012 and 2013 -. According to the categories of the CeBIT Competence Store Partnership I belong to the industry “Business services / Consultant”.

3 Assurance

Logo of the organisation "CAcert"Me, the Assurer, verify the identiy of a person, by ministerial photo identification. I report this verification to the certificate authority CAcert. In return, the verified person gets trust points on his / her lifelong account at CAcert.

4 MINT Ambassador

MINT - Creating the Future. The Initatives of the german Industry The industrial location Germany is jeopardised by the lack of young academics with MINT qualifications ( Mathematics, Information Science, Natural Sciences and Technology ). I am MINT Ambassador - my social contribution to interest young people in MINT.

5 Texas Instruments Expert Advisor

I am complimentary and independant 'Texas Instruments Expert Advisor' in the Texas Instruments Expert Advisory Panel.

6 Contracting of IT Services

  • Contracting of (Mobile) Telephone Services and (Mobile) Internet Services by 1&1 . Contracting of (Mobile) Telephone Services and (Mobile) Internet Services by BASE . Contracting of (Mobile) Telephone Services and (Mobile) Internet Services by e-plus . Contracting of (Mobile) Telephone Services and (Mobile) Internet Services by simyo . Contracting of (Mobile) Telephone Services and (Mobile) Internet Services by ayyildiz . Contracting of (Mobile) Telephone Services and (Mobile) Internet Services by vybemobile.
  • You can order IT services - (mobile) telephone, (mobile) Internet, webhosting, office communications, entertainment in my 1&1 shop.
  • Contracting of Business Websites

7 Appointed Participant ( "Speaker" - among others of a "User Presentation", "Lecturer", "Claqueur", "Professional Demonstrator", "Professional Protester" ) and Mystery Guest

Hire me for participation at events and to rate events, hotels and restaurants!


The visitors of my website may request for some download offers.

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This document is available in german language, too !

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