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[Hemmerling] Telephony by the "Session Initiation Protocol" ( SIP )

The "Session Initiation Protocol" ( SIP )

SIP Telephones


Software Tools

Soft Phones

  1. antisip softphone - free softphone for WinXP and MacOSX.
  2. Ekiga ( formely: GnomeMeeting ) - free OpenSource softphone for Linux with GNOME desktop.
  3. ENUM RTC Softphone - free softphone for Windows ( sourcecode + binaries ).
  4. 1&1 SoftPhone - free softphone for Windows.
  5. NCH Software "Express Talk VoIP Softphone" Free Edition - free softwphone for Windows.
  6. Gizmo5 free softphone for Windows, MacOSX, Linux.
  7. KPhone ( KPhone, Sourceforge:KPhone, Sourceforge:KPhone ) - free softphone for Linux.
  8. Linphone - free softphone for Linux with GNOME desktop.
  9. Google Open Softphone - free Java softphone, running on Linux and Windows. “The phone is tailored to be used in a Callcenter environment based on asterisk. It currently lacks a few features which a home user would expect. Most importantly these are SRTP and NAT traversal”.
    • OSSPhone - OpenSource SIP softphone.
  10. Phoner by Heiko Sommerfeldt.
    • PhonerLite - free VoIP/SIP softphone for Windows.
    • Phoner - free softphone for Windows. Phoner supports VoIP/SIP, CAPI and TAPI modes.
  11. QuteCom ( formely: WengoPhone ) - free OpenSource softphone for Windows, MacOSX, Linux.
  12. SJ Labs SJphone - free softphone for Windows, WinCE, MacOSX, Linux.
  13. Empathy - free softphone for Linux with GNOME desktop.
  14. Twinkle - free softphone for Linux.
  15. Zoiper IAX & SIP softphone (formerly: “Idefisk” ) - free softphone for Windows, Linux, MacOSX.
  16. freenet iPhone 1.9.0 - discontinued free softphone for Windows ( - May 26, 2008 ).
  17. Nero SIPPS - discontinued free softphone for Windows.
  18. pulver.Communicator - discontinued free Softwphone for Windows.
  19. “T-Online Internet-Telefon” - discontinued free softphone for WinXP.
  20. Vovida Open Communications Applications Library (VOCAL) by Vovida Networks.
  21. Zultys Technologies "LIPZ4" by Zultys, Inc.- discontinued free softphone for RedHat 7.1 / 8.0 / 9.0 Linux with KDE.
  22. innovaphone AG - commercial softwphones for Windows.
  23. The commercial Samsung OfficeServ Softphone for Windows.

Soft Phones Frameworks

Soft Stacks

    • OpenSBC - OpenSource SIP proxy and B2BUA ( Back to Back User Agent ).

SDKs, Frameworks, Developer Toolkits

Hardware Phones

Some other Hardware Phones

    • HTTP for configuration, using Web browser. SNMP sending traps to the management software.
  • xx
  1. Cisco.
  2. Polycom.
  3. ZyXel.
  4. Cyberdata.
  5. Counterpath.
  • SIP IP DECT Cordless and WiFi Phones Provider.
    1. Hitachi.
    2. Dlink.
    3. Kirk Wireless.


Communication Server

Office Communication Server


Asterisk Resources

Standard Asterisk Implementations

SIP Router Project / SIP Express Router (SER ) / OpenSER

Some other Communication Servers

    • OpenSBC - OpenSource SIP proxy and B2BUA (Back to Back User Agent ).


SIP Service Provider

SIP Criticism

  1. There is no status display, whether a person is willing to accept calls, which is a standard feature for Unified Messaging systems ( “Availability” / “Kommunikationsbereitschaftsanzeige” ).
  2. There is no way to encrypt communications on ISO Layer 2, where it would be useful. On the other hand, Microsoft with its properitary protocols encrypt communications on ISO Layer 3 ?! There are 3 different ways to encrypt communications, Microsoft choose one of it.


Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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