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[Hemmerling] Relevant Professional Experience, Competences, Skills, Expertness

  1. Quality assurance, requirements management, process and service design for small & medium companies and startup companies
    • Formal qualifications.
      • DGQ Quality Assurance Representative and Internal Auditor.
      • REFA-Basic Degree in Work Organisation.
  2. Planning and operation of IT facilities, automation facilities, small datacenters, developer workplaces and office workpalces, facilities.
  3. Design of systems, realtime systems and embedded systems for automatic data aquisition and automatic data processing.
    • Formal qualifications.
      • ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level.
  4. Analysis of markets and industries, with focus on industries, products and services with strong relation to IT and technology.
  5. Intercultural competence, experience in handling of several cultures, qualfications for the job of a migrant representative.
    • I am second generation migrant from Silesia, already born in Germany.
  6. Appointed Participant ( “Speaker”, “Claqueur”, “Professional Demonstrator”, “Professional Protester” ) and Mystery Guest - Participation in events as well as rating of events, hotels and restaurants.

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