[hemmerling] Smart Blitzmerker 1/2 - "Bring your own Device - Get your own Data" ( BYOD - GYOD )

Project Objective

Smart Blitzmerker

  • Development of a smart frugal metering solution, for a smart world: “Smart Blitzmerker: Bring your own Device - Get your own Data ( BYOD - GYOD ). Smart frugal metering solution, for a smarter World”.
  • About the project name “Smart Blitzmerker”: “Blitzmerker” is a German word, means somebody with rapid comprehension. “Blitz” is German for lighning, or photo flash, and you see meters must get some light before we can take a photo. So first photo flash or some other light on, then take a photo, and then light off to save power consumption :-). Smart Blitzmerker is then name, as unfortunately Blitzmerker is taken in the Internet, while “Smart Blitzmerker” was free, i.e. not yet used, no hits by the search engines.

Business Development


Team Members

Project Idea, Project Approach, Project Proceedings

Work Principles in our Team

Project Repository

Suggested Tools

Online Services

  • We use public Github GIST online web pages ( of personal GitHub accounts of the project participants ) to document our proceedings.
  • We are used to publish “Git Repository” and “GIST” articles with images stored on GitHub :-).

Tools to be installed on your local Computer

Distribution License

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