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[hemmerling] Scripting Languages for Windows 1/3

Organisations, Events


    • 4DOS - free command shell for MSDOS, Win95, Win98, Win98SE, WinME.
    • 4NT - commercial command shell for W2k, WinXP.
  • 4DOS.INFO - Klaus Meinhard's Homepage - “Everything about 4DOS and Batch Programming - Alles zu 4DOS und Batch-Programmierung”.
  • How to redirect StdErr with 4DOS & 4NT, to save it to a file: “application.exe >&>saved_stderr.txt”.
  • How to redirect StdErr with 4DOS & 4NT, to append it to a file: “application.exe »&>saved_stderr.txt”.


Visual Studio Tools for Office

Windows PowerShell

Windows Scripting Host (WSH), VBScript,..

Development Tools

At the same time, SystemScripter can now be used freely by anyone”

  1. The commercial "OnScript".
  2. The commercial VbsEdit.
  3. The software tool “Script Store Tool” by Bobby Malik is distributed exclusively with the book “Practial Windows Administration Scripting”, shipped on CD.
      1. The free PrimalPad Community Edition - “A single file editor with color coding for HTML, VBScript, JScript and PowerShell, with line numbers and a multi-tabbed environment. No installation required, just one single executable file. Free for personal, educational or non-profit use”.
      2. The free WMI Explorer.
      3. The free WMI Wizard.
  • Free WSH Tools, by Microsoft Download Center



Bruce Payette

Alan Renouf @ VMware

Holger Voges

Ed Wilson

Tobias Weltner & Holger Schwichtenberg


Tobias Weltner

Holger Schwichtenberg

Peter Kriegel ( local Expert in Lower Saxony )


Free Books about PowerShell



Some other Books about PowerShell

Some other Books about VBScript and WSH

Some other Books about COM, DCOM

Some other Books

Commercial Trainings

  • Pluralsight - Hardcore Dev and IT Training - Commercial online trainings:
    1. “Everyday PowerShell for Developers by Jim Christopher”
      • “Studioshell (Visual Studio Automation)”.
      • “PSSake (MSBuild Automation)”.
    2. “Introduction to NuGet by John V. Petersen”.

Forums, Newsgroups

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