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My Radio Amateur Licence

  • On 2011-07-04, I was certified as radio amateur. I gained the certificate “Amateurfunkzeugnis der Klasse E” ( “CEPT Novice Radio Amateur Licence ECC/REC (05)06” ):
    • Technology proficiency: 81 of 102 points ( 34 questions, 7 wrong answers, 79% correct answers ).
    • Operationional proficiency : 96 of 102 points ( 34 questions, 2 wrong answers, 94% correct answers ).
    • Proficiency in Rules and regulations: 84 points of 102 points ( 34 questions, 6 wrong answers, 82% correct answers ).
    • 75% correct answers ( equivalent to 8 wrong answers for a test with 34 questions ) is the minium to pass each of the 3 tests, successfully.
  • The introductory amateur radio course at DARC e.V. - Ortsverband H13 - Hannover ( 2010-09-16 - 2011-04-11 ) prepared me well for the certification test!
  • My locator.

Organisations, Associations

Amateur Radio Associations

Governmental Organizations

Collegiate Amateur Radio Clubs - Amateur Radio at german Colleges / Universities


Paper Magazines

Preparation for Amateur Radio Certification

Tools for Amateur Radio

Online Tools

Design Tools

Design Tools for EMC Compatibility

Operation Software

  • eQSO - “A client / server software program designed by Amateur Radio enthusiasts for linking Amateur Radio RF gateways and repeaters via the Internet”.
  • K1JT "WSJT Home Page" -“Weak Signal communication by K1JT”.

Administration Software


QSL Card & Locators

ITU Prefix

Locator "WAZ Zone" / "CQ Zone"

Locator "ITU Zone"

Locator "Distrikts-Ortsverbands-Kenner" ( DOK )

QSL Cards

Printing of QSL Cards

  • It's like with business calling cards: Because of changes in your life ( relocation, new call sign → after upgrading the amateur radio license from class E to class A, new phone number, new website URL,... ) most of the cards will never be distributed. If you buy 500, you will put 450 into garbage. If you buy 1000, you will put 950 into garbage...
  • ELLI QSL printing - “We print QSL cards that bring success!”.
  • HappyQSL.com - “800 QSL-Karten...”, “Schöne, farbige QSL Karten welche Sie für Ihre Verbindungen verschicken erhöhen die Anzahl der bestätigten QSO”.
  • The commercial HAM administration software HAM Office - Das deutschsprachige Standard-Logbuchprogramm.
    • It can generate QSL cards, so that the radio amateur can print it with the QSO-dates on glossy photo paper. The motive can be change by each mode. Mobile QSOs can be confirmed, with the proper location data.
  • MeMo Druck Fulda - “3000 QSL Karten...”.
  • QSL Shop - 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 QSL cards.
  • UX5UO print – world of QSLs - 1000, 2000, 3000 QSL cards.



Software Defined Radio ( SDR )

Tools, Hardware & Software

Technology Suggestions

  • Get a A/D converter board with ADC 10 bit, successive approximation method ( not Sigma Delta, not Dual Slope ), e.g. AD 9280, AD9282, plus a controller board with USB interface, to control the device by a Windows computer.
  • Automotive SDR focusses on “Phase Diversity”. “Antenna Diversity” is already below the accepted requirements level. You need a DSP with about 500 Mips for data processing.



Amateur Radio Market

Amateur Radio Manufacturers, Amateur Radio Devices

Amateur Radio Vendors

Amateur Radio Flea Market

Amateur Radio Flea Market Events


No Amateur Radio :-(

Blogs, Podcasts


Forums, Newsgroups, Communities

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