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[hemmerling] Wireless Networks


  • 5G CMM EXPO & Conference in Hannover, 2019-10-08 - 2019-10-10.
    • “Zur 5G CMM EXPO wird es zwei Abendveranstaltungen geben. An diesen können Sie teilnehmen, wenn Sie ein Ticket für den Tag gekauft haben oder wenn Sie ein extra Ticket für die Networking Events kaufen”.
    • Google Werbung 2019-10 “Jetzt den Aktionscode 5G4CMM im Ticketshop eingeben und ein kostenfreies Ticket erhalten! Die gesamte Anwendungsbreite des 5G-Standards für alle vernetzen mobilen Dinge. Infos hier. Innovationen. Wissen aufbauen. Networking”.
  • The commercial, but affordable IOT conference Sigfox CONNECT, 2018-10-24 - 2018-10-25.
    • “After a very successful event in 2017 in Prague, the Sigfox world IoT EXPO is coming to Berlin in 2018 and becomes Sigfox Connect”.
    • “Please note that October 24th is a private day, only accessible by invitation. The Regular or Student Ticket gives access to the 25th of October”.


  • 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz → Mostly normed wireless communications :-). Good range in US style ( “wooden” ) houses :-), weak range in European ( “stone & armored concrete” ) houses.
  • 868 Mhz → Wireless M-Bus :-), KNX PLC = KNX RF :-), but mostly proprietary wireless communications :-(, often due to “all inclusive service” service models of service providers. Acceptable range in European ( “stone & armored concrete” ) houses, higher range than with 2.4 Ghz.
  • 433 Mhz is “the future” from point of view of some technology experts.


6LoWPAN - IPv6 over Low Power Wireless Personal Area Network


Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Smart Ready

The Bluetooth Standard


Applie iBeacon

Hardware Resources


Dialog Semiconductor

Texas Instruments

Low Energy
Low Energy Tools
My CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit


  • BlueZ - “Official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack”.


Special Hardware



Smartphone Apps
Application "Tile"
    • Welcome to Tile, the world’s largest lost and found. This app works with Tile, a tiny Bluetooth tracker that finds everyday items in seconds—like your phone, keys, and wallet.
    • Attach or stick Tile to anything you need to find fast. Use the app to help you find your Tiled items quickly and easily. You can also use your Tile to ring your phone — even on silent!
      • Ring your things. Use the app to ring your stuff. If your Tile is within the 300-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.
      • Ring your phone. Can't find your phone? Press any one of your Tiles to make your lost phone ring—even if it's on silent.
Application "TrackR"


  • I was told by experts: Since 2014, placing a Bluetooth enabled product on the market requires to pay a license fee for each single item :-(. Before that, buying a “complete Bluetooth module” of a sub-manufacturer and integrating it into the product, was not subject of a license fee :-). With a complete Bluetooth solution, you must not pay.
  • Bluetooth LE enabled devices and operating systems:
  • Quora "Is there a difference between Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy? If so, what?" - “In the new specification, BT 4.1 we have the hub. You will find such a hub in a smart watch for sports. The watch will work in the central mode in direction to the heart rate belt and other senors on the bike and in peripheral mode in direction to the smartphone”.
  • PC Magazin "Bluetooth 4.2 erklärt: Das kann die nächste Version" - “Zu guter Letzt wurde mit der Version 4.2 eine sichere und variable Verbindung zum Internet geschaffen – nach Paketstandard IPv6, mit dem sich die Anzahl der möglichen Geräte potenziert. So kann nun das Internet der Dinge, also Haussteuerung (z.B. Beleuchtung, Heizung, Sicherheit), Smart Meters und Kommunikation mit Haushaltsgeräten auf Basis von Bluetooth entwickelt werden. Ist ein Übergabepunkt zum WWW vorhanden, kann dann alles weltweit gesteuert werden”.
    • “Bluetooth 4.2 introduces several new features that improve speed and privacy over Bluetooth 4.1 but the main advantage is allowing chips to use Bluetooth over Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) for direct Internet access. With this, the possibilities expand beyond thoseof current designs and markets to include any type of Bluetooth device requiring speed and security in the IoT”.
      • IoT Capabilities:
        • Low-power IP (IPv6/6LoWPAN).
        • Bluetooth Smart Internet Gateways (GATT).
      • “With BLE 4.2 Bluetooth Smart sensors can transmit data over the internet”.
    • “Symmetry Electronics is able to support your BLE 4.2 designs with the recently released Silicon Labs Blue Gecko line of BLE modules and development tools. The certified Blue Gecko module allows you to quickly add Bluetooth connectivity to your applications with software stack and an intuitive scripting language for development”.


The EnOcean Allicance



  • At the “Funk-Roadshow 2011” on 2011-11-15 in Hamburg, all participants were invited to become sponsored “EnOcean Associate” for 2 years. To apply for this sponsored membership at EnOcean Alliance Application Form, select “Application as = 'Associate'” and at “Sponsored by:”, please enter “Roadshow 2011”.
    • Regularly, the membership fee as “Associate” is $500 ( USD) for 2 years.
    • So if your business partnership should not result in a monetary benefit :-), be shure to cancel the free membership in time.
    • Remember “Fees apply ... from date of registration”. If you do not cancel the membership, you wll pay $500 for the 3rd. and 4th. year, and furtheron.
    • The contract documents in German language do not contain:
      • A return address of the organization. It is just printed on the website ( postal address, FAX telephone number, E-Mail ).
      • A “period of cancellation” ( “Kündigungsfrist” ).
      • The required form of a membership cancellation ( e.g. just cancellation by a paper letter and FAX letter, or even by E-Mail ? ) :-(.
    • However, the German contract documents contain severe typing mistakes ( “Einschräkungen” ), and part of the German contract text is written in captalized letters, which makes it hard to read even for German natives :-(.


Supervisory Home Control of EnOcean-enabled Buildings

  • The commercial software BootUp GmbH "myHomeControl" for Windows with .NET 2.0 - “A building/home automation system with build in visualisation and control capabilities designed for the use of EnOcean based devices”.


IEEE 802.11

Wi-Fi HaLow





Supporters & Organisations

General Software

IBM Long-Range Signaling and Control (LRSC)

LorRA Gateway

    • GitHub "Lora-net/lora_gateway" - “The source code of firmware” of the “LoRa Lite Gateway” gateway by IMST GmbH. *”Driver/HAL to build a gateway using a concentrator board based on Semtech SX1301 multi-channel modem and SX1257/SX1255 RF transceivers”.

LoRa Network Server

LoRa Server
The Things Network

LoRa Appserver

My Hardware

    • My board “VT-SS-002-BDB - Smart Sensor #2: LoRaWAN Sensor Node” - “The LoRaWAN Smart Sensor together with local sensors is managed by an NXP Cortex M0 microcontroller. Whether a private or public LoRaWAN network is being used, Avnet Silica can support the integration between the network server and a cloud service such as Devicepoint”.


Hardware for IOT with multiple Wirless Interfaces
LoRa Gateways
Combination of LoRa Gateway + LoRa Network Server
Some other Hardware

LoRa Online Services


LTE Narrowband

Telekom / T-Mobile

      • “Sign up to get an IoT Developer Kit ON US. Upon release this summer, we’ll give away the first 1,000 kits to the first 1,000 developers to join the waitlist. To join the waitlist, simply select 'IoT Developer Kit'—those who are eligible will receive one FREE Kit”.
      • “Our IoT Developer Kit uses LTE CAT-M, a leading LPWA network technology for Internet of Things applications offering a connection speed of up to 375 Kbps. It can connect resource-constrained devices to the internet and transmit small amounts of data over long periods of time, while providing high signal penetration and maintaining minimal power consumption. Out of the box, you can see the device’s data over our cellular network without additional coding”.
      • “32-bit ARM Cortex M4 MCU”, “LTE CAT-M Module, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, BLE Bluetooth”, “Segger J-Link programming interface”.




NFC Implementation by Smartphones

  • I was told by experts:
    • Apple iPhones 6,7 just implement an NFC “Card”.
    • Android Smartphones with NFC support are used to implement the full NFC standard ( “Card”, “Reader”, “Peer2Peer” ).



Wireless M-Bus


  • The ZigBee V1.0 specifications do not define an IP-based protocol, in favour of little bandwidth.
  • The ZigBee Smart Energy V2.0 specifications define an IP-based protocol.


Important w-power wide-area-network protocols/networks according to VDC Research, 2016

  • Haystack.
  • LoRaWAN (LoRa Alliance).
  • NB-IoT (3GPP).
  • Senet.
  • SigFox.
  • RPMA (Ingenu).

Wirless Smart Home Hardware

Special Satellite TV Antenna "Digiglobe" / "Digital Globe"

Experts and Expert Publications



  • Experts told me:
    • With LoRa, you may spread the spectrum, so that you have both the option for high data volume ( with lower range ) and low data volume ( with maximum range), e.g. 20 messages/d.
    • With Sigfox, you are limited to e.g. 20 messages/d.
    • In comparison to LTE-Narrowband, LoRa and SigFox have very limited bandwidth.

Forums, Newsgroups

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