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Free Restreaming & Multistreaming


    • “The service for multistreaming. Restream is the best way to stream to YouTube, Twitch, Beam Pro, Facebook and 30+ other services simultaneously”.
    • Business model “Double channels payment required. You already have a channel of this platform added to your settings. Adding two or more channels of the same platform is a paid feature at Restream.io”.

Free Online Video Streaming & Video Recording of Game Plays, Creativity, DJ-ing and other Contents, supported by OBS & Restream.io






The Tool



Facebook Live

      • “The Server URL and Stream Key can only be used for a single Live preview/post connection. You must use the same URL and key to preview and post. That is, you cannot preview, stop the stream, and then resume at a later time. The URL and Key are valid for 7 days. Once you preview the video, you have up to 5 hours to go live. If you need more time, create a new stream key closer to the event time”.
    • Facebook Business "How do I enable publishing tools?" - “Publishing Tools”. “That screen can only be found if managing a Page. It won't come up if you're trying to get to it from a Profile”.
  • Restream.io doesn´t support Facebook.


      • “Make sure you change is at the top make sure Output Mode is set to Advanced and that your Keyframe Interval is set to 2 - this is required to make sure streams play and record on Hitbox properly”.
    • Dashboard error messages:
      • “Video height must be 720px . 1080px”.
      • “Bitrate must be 2000 - 3500 kbit”. 500kbps is not accepted.
  • Though I failed to connect to Hitbox with 500kbps, it was ok to connect to Restream.io with 500kbps, and Restream.io restreamed successfully to Hitbox :-).




      • Publish from WarThunder to Twitch ( Doesn´t work in 2017-03 ):
        • “Navigate to Menu → Game Options → Social”.
        • “Fill in your Twitch TV account details, and what quality you want your stream to be. Optional: Set it so your sound is recorded
        • (I always disable my microphone and set the Stereo Mix as default device in Windows Sounds → Recording Devices, I do not know if it records the ingame sound otherwise)”.
        • “Don't forget to set a button to start recording”.
      • Publish from Twitch to YouTube:
        • “Click Publish, the video will now be available to be watched on Twitch TV”.
        • “Click on your nickanme again and navigate to Settings → Connections and connect your YouTube account”.
        • “Now you can go back to the 'highlight video' and press the cog and select Upload”.
        • “Set it up how you want it to appear on YouTube and press Upload to YouTube”.
        • “Your video is now being uploaded to youtube”.
      • “Warning: Changing your password will result in the invalidation of your stream key and the revocation of existing account credentials issued to 3rd party services. You may need to re-connect existing 3rd party services by visiting their respective websites and following their account linking process” :-(.


YouTube Gaming

Mobile Streaming



Some other ( commercial ) Streaming Portals

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