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Alone on the data highway... like on the Aegi Highway in Hannover, by bike

Rolf Hemmerling cycling on the Aegi Highway in Hannover

Travelling by bicycle in Hannover, Bielefeld, North West Germany and elsewhere. Repairing bicycles in Hannover.

I am a bicycle enthousiast. If the weather is fine at the weekend, I often do bicycle tours for a distance of 100 km or even more, while I often reach the starting points and leave the finishing points by train. By now I moved around in an area which may be described by the folllowing towns and places: Bielefeld, Paderborn, Fulda, Kassel, Eschwege, Göttingen, Eisleben, Halberstadt, Magdeburg, Lüneburg, Hamburg, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremen, the lake Dümmer, Rheine, Osnabrück, Münster.

At special places in the german highlands, the landscape looks like the japanese landscape Satoyama. I love it!



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My Bikes

Touring Bikes with 26" or 28" Wheels, 3 Gears and Back-pedalling Brake ( 1972 - )

  • Touring Bike with 28” wheels, 3 gears, backpedalling brake = “28er 3-Gang mit Rücktritt” bikes.
  • Standard handlebar shaft ( “Lenkerschaft” ) = 21.1 mm or 22.2 mm diameter.

Mountain Bike ( 1995 - 2010-03 )

  • 1995 - 2010 I was using a Mountain Bike with “Shimano Altus” gear system, 21 gears, oversized frame, Cantilever breaks, standard 26” wheels. It was cheap ( 200 EUR ) and it is therefore quiet heavy ( 20 Kg ).
  • Bicycle chain:
    • The right bicycle chain: “MTB and racing bike chain, up to 21 gears, Hypergilde-compatible, 114 chain links, 1/2 x 3/32”.
    • The wrong bicycle chain: “MTB chain, 21/24 gears, 116 chain links, 1/2 x 5/64”.

Rixe Roadbiker, Pegasus Piazza 8

Rixe Roadbiker ( 2010-05 - 2016-11 )

  • Handlebar shaft ( “Lenkerschaft” ) = 25.4 mm diameter.
  • Bicycle back wheel.
    • Original back wheel ( 2010-2013 ) with 272mm spokes, 36 holes.
    • New back wheel with “Zack2000” ( 2014 - ) with 280mm spokes, 36 holes.
  • Bicycle Tube.
    • Prophete #0185 “Gruppenschlauch 28/27 ( 28/40 - 622/630 )” → 28 x 1+1/2 x 1+5/8 ( 40-622 ).
    • Continental 28×160 ( 42 - 622 ).
    • Schwalbe DV 19 - orange ( 42-622, 40-622 ).
  • Bicycle Tire without reflextion band.
    • Continental “Tour Rider 28×160, 42-622, 700x40c”.
    • Schwalbe “Land Criser 28×160, 42-622, 700x40c”.
  • Bicycle Tire with reflextion band.
    • Continental “Townride 28×160, 42-622, 700x40c”, OEM equipment.
    • Schwalbe / Ralf Bohle GmbH “Road Criser 28×160, 42-622, 700x40c”.
    • Pegasus Flatfigher C1446, 28×160, 42-622, 700x40c”, with 4.5 mm protection lining.
    • Pegasus Flatfigher Urban Cruiser 28×160, 42-622, 700x40c”, with 1.5 mm protection lining, 14.99 EUR. Distributor: ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft eG.
    • Prophete #6539 “Trekking-Reifen 28×160 ( 40/42-622 ) mit Reflektionsstreifen”, 14.99 EUR.
  • My rear light.
  • My front light.
  • My “FAG” bottom bracket ( “Tretlager” ):
    • Inner distance, visualized between the “x”: ”–!x——65mm——x!–”.
    • Outer distance, visualized between the “x”: “x-127mmm-!————!–x”.
  • Bicycle chain:
    • For bicycles with Nexus 8-gear, like mine, ( and many legacy 3/5/7 gear ) bicycles. Examples:
      • “KMC S1 1/8 112 Gl”.
    • For bicycles with “Alfine” 8-gear, you need a bicycle chain for 9-gear chain gear bicycles, with a more slim chain.
  • NEXUS 8-gear shift with back pedal brake:
    • The bowden cable is that of traditional 10/5 gear shifts, 180cm long. The flexible outer OEM bowden cable tube must be shortended.
      • Installation instructions:
        • At the gearshift, there is a screw with a fine adjustment mechanism for the effective bowden cable length. Set it to 0, i.e. next to the gearshift.
        • At the bowden cable, you must install a screw and female screw. The female screw has to be at the top, i.e. the screw with the hole for the bowden cable is placed next to the gear!
        • Drag he bowden cable and determine the proper position for the screw / female screw. After fixing the screw / female screw, use the adjustment mechanism for the effective bowden cable length for proper setup of the gear switching.
    • At the shaft of the back wheel, there are “torque support washer” signed with “L” for left and “R” for right side :-). If you exchange the items, some part of the browden cable carrier interfers with the bicycle chain :-(.

Pegasus Piazza 8 ( 2016-12 - 2017-03 )

Triumpf WSI 617 ( 2017-03 - )

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Bike Hangers


  • A special kind of bike hanger consists of a metal frame and a plastic pan with a volume of 90 liters. The plastic pans are a low-price mass product, known as mortar pan or mortar box ( “Mörtelwanne”, “Maurerwanne”, “Mörtelkasten”, “Mörtelkübel” ).



Air Pumps ( Floor Pumps, Hand Pumps, Mini Pumps & Frame Pumps )

  • SKS Germany ( SKS Metaplast Scheffer Klute GmbH ) - “floor pumps”.
    • With my SKS floor pump of 1995, unfortunately after a few years, the ventil interface got a malfunction due to the rubber clogging. I need a new ventile interface and a clamping piece.
    • If you power down the device, e.g. change the akku.
      • The last pressure setting is saved :-),
      • Unfortunatley the measurement unit is set back to the “PSI”, instead of keeping the selected measurement unit ( e.g. “Bar” ) :-(.
        • Example: 4 Bar = 58.01508 PSI. If you setup 4 Bar, after power down and power on, the display is 58 PIS.


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Hand Truck, Sack Barrow, Barrow, Pushcart ( "Sackkarre", "Strandwagen", "Transportwagen", "Bollerwagen", "Handwagen" ) - Transportation of Goods, without Bicycle involved



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