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[hemmerling] The datacenter ( and automation installation ) as "trusted site"


Events & Fairs

Datacenter Equipment

Datacenter Operation

Cooling & Heating

  • Chillventa - “Die wichtigste Messe zum Thema Kältetechnik”.

Energy Efficiency - Energy Consumption of popular legacy and current Devices

Legacy Computers, of 1982-1995

Device Power Consumption in Watt (W)
Siemens PC-X Computer 148
ATARI-ST with B/W monitor 90
ATARI-ST B/W monitor 28
Color monitor for ATARI-ST 45
Schneider PC, with embedded monitor 85
HP Laserjet IIp, in standby mode 18
Analog modem 6
486 PC with 14” color monitor 135
486 PC without monitor 64
Grundig portable radio 3
A4 Scanner, for PCs, in standby mode 19

Design of Workplaces and IT Infrastructure

  • ergo online - “Arbeit im Büro gesund gestalten”.
  • The OpenSource tool iteraplan by iteratec GmbH - “Enterprise Architecture Management einfach und effektiv”.

Academic Studies of Energy Efficiency



IT ServiceDesk & Desktop Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management ( DCIM )

IT Assessments



Paper Magazines

Support Programs ( Förderprogramme )

Software-defined Data Center


Forums, Newsgroups, Communities

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