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CD, DVD, Blu-Ray R/W Devices


Standalone Hardware

Optical Media Emulation - Software





IDE / ATA Harddisks

  • Maxtor DiamonMax 60 ( 60.1 GB ).
  • IBM DJNA-351520 ( 15.2 GB ).
  • Hitachi “Storage IC35L120AVVA07-0 Deskstar 120GXP” ( formerly: IBM ).
  • Samsung “120GB Ultra-ATA/100 HDD Spinpoint M”
  • Samsung “Spinpoint M5 HM121HC 120GB 6,4 cm (2,5 Zoll) IDE Festplatte (5400RPM, 8MB Cache)”.
  • Samsung SP1203N.
  • Maxtor “120GB 6Y120L0 UDMA133 7.200 rpm Festplatte 2MB Cache IDE Bulk”. *Western Digital “WD Scorpio WD1200BEVE - Festplatte - 120 GB - intern - 2.5” - ATA-100 - 5400 rpm - Puffer: 8 MB”.
      • “Promise MBFastTrack133Lite” is not listed :-(.
      • There are “Promise FastTrack 100” drivers for W2k and WinXP, harddisks of 160 GB are suitable.

SATA & eSATA Harddisks

SCSI Harddisks

  • My former SCSI hard disk “FUJITSU Allegro 2 M2934sam” ( 4 GBytes ).
  • My SCSI hard disk “QUANTUM Fireball FB TM 3.2” ( 3.2 GByte ).
  • My IOMEGA SCSI ZIP100 drive ( 100 MBytes ).

Memory Hard Drives - Memory Cards / Flash Disks, USB Sticks


Special USB Devices

  • Yubico - Protect your digital world with YubiKey, MTRIX GmbH "Yubico", MTRIX GmbH "Yubkey" - “Als Erfinder und Hersteller des YubiKeys hat Yubico neue Standards für eine sichere Anmeldung im Internet geschaffen. Die einzigartigen USB- und NFC-Keys ermöglichen eine sichere und einfache OneTouch-Authentifizierung über verschiedene Authentifizierungsprotokolle – ohne dass Treiber oder Client-Software benötigt werden”.

SD Memory Card

  • If you switch off the electric power of an embedded device ( e.g. Raspberry Pi ) which writes on a SD memory card at this moment, the software function of the SD memory card will be likely damaged: Either just the file system is corrupt, or even the whole card. Reformatting ( or fixing ) of the filesystem or even reformatting of the whole card is necessary. Though there is no physical damage.

Professional Flash Drives ( SSD Cards, SSD Devices )


Interfaces for Storage Media ( HDD, SDD, CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, Media Devices like DV-Band Cameras )


My IEEE1394 Firewire Controllers

Firewire Cables fo "DV-CAM <-> Standard 1394 Firewire Controller"

Drivers for Win8, Win8.1 and Win10


IDE ( RAID ) Controller


SATA / eSATA Cables & Converters

SATA Cable + SATA/eSATA Converter + eSATA Cable
SATA Father to eSATA Father Cable
eSATA Father to eSATA Father cable
eSATA Mother to SATA Father cable
  • So far, I didn´t find a solution :-(.

SATA Controllers

USB to SATA / IDE Converters

Power Cables

  • “Y-Stromkabel” ( = “Y-Stromkabel Molex 4-Pin für 5 1/4”-Laufwerke 1x Stecker auf 2x Buchse” ), PE809-923.
  • “Strom-Adapterkabel für SATA-Festplatten (Molex auf 2x SATA)”, PX6401-923.

Power & Data Cables

Data Cables

  • “SATA Anschlusskabel 100cm”, PE3027-923.


SCSI Adapters


NCR / LSI Logic

SCSI Drivers

Network Drives / Storage Area Network ( SAN )


  • Be aware that you can't either store typical VirtualPC / VMWare image files, more than 10 minutes of DV video, nor typical DVD images on FAT32 media, due to the 2 GB filesize limit of FAT32 !
    • “Conceptronic Grab'n'GO Network 500GB” - FAT32, 100 Mbit/s. Protocols: SMB, FTP.
    • “FANTEC LD-H35NSU2” - Win98SE support, FAT32, 100 Mbit/s. Protocols: SMB, FTP, UPNP.
    • “Iomega 500GB Gigabit EthernetNetwork Hard Drive” - FAT32, 100 Mbit/s. Protocols: CIFS/SMB; FTP.
    • “Freecom Network Drive 500GB” - using the proprietary NDSAS protocol ( any file system like FAT32 / NTFS / ext3 / ocfs2 / gfs, 100 Mbit/s).
    • “LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Gigabit Ethernet & Hi-Speed USB 2.0 500GB” - Win98SE support, FAT32, 1000 MBit/s, special USB drivers needed for W2k & WinXP, extra USB expansion port. Protocols: SMB (Windows/Linux), AFP (Mac); FTP Server; HTTP for online browsing; Multimedia server: UPnPT A/V; Apple Bonjour.
    • “TEAK HD-35 NAS” - FAT32, Win98SE support, 100 Mbit/s. Protocols: SMB, FTP.
    • Synology Inc. "Produktliste" - “Liste aller Synology NAS-/SAN-Server”.
    • Users told me that this NAS works fine as data storage for smartphones, i.e. access to data by Internet ( VDSL, glass fiber optic ) router via Internet.
    • User equip this device with e.g. 8TB Seagate Ironwulf harddisks.
  • TrekStor.
  • Verbatim.


Physical Storage

    • Once, POSSO manufactured a gray box ( “Posso Media Box 5 1/4” Floppy Disks” ) which was suitable to reposit 5 1/4” floppy disks or CDs / DVDs / Blu-Rays.
    • I do not recommend the current “Media Box DVD”, as it has a different smaller format :-(.


DVD / Blu-Ray / SVCD Software Videoplayers

DVD & BlueRay Tools

Free Recording Software for CD, DVD, Blue-Ray

Recording of CDs, DVDs, Blue-Rays with Windows own Tools

Commercial Recording Software for CD, DVD, Blue-Ray with unlimited Trial Versions

Commercial Recording Software for CD, DVD, Blue-Ray

CD Audio Only

CD Audio Recorder

  • The Shareware audio CD recorder Jens Fangmeier "Feurio!" for Windows - “The Feurio! trial version is not restricted in any way”.

CD Audio Track Copying

Classical Backup Software

    • The free “AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition” for Windows - I was told by experts, that it can even handle UEFI-Boot :-).
    • The free backup and recovery “AOMEI Backupper” for Windows.

Data Recovery

  • The free IsoBuster (Free Edition) - “The Ultimate data recovery software! Supporting ALL types of media, including CD/DVD, BD/HD DVD, Hard Drives, SSM, USB flash drives, Zip drives, Jaz drives, floppies etc.”.


Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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