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[hemmerling] ERP 1/3 - Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) / "Produktionsplanung und Steuerung" ( PPS )

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Commercial ERP Software

Infor "ERP LN" ( formerly: Baan )

Microsoft Dynamix NAV & Microsoft Dynamix AX

PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH


Alternatives to a classical ERP Solution

Commercial Accounting Software

  • Agenda - “Betriebswirtschaftliche Software”. German accouning experts rated this as “oldfashioned software”, in 2021-09.
  • Simba Computer Systeme GmbH - “Finanzsoftware für Steuerkanzleien, Unternehmen sowie kirchliche & soziale Einrichtungen”. German accouning experts rated this as “modern software”, in 2021-09.

OpenSource ERP Software

  1. The OpenSource ERP “ADempiere”.
  2. The OpenSource “Allgemeine Individuelle Betriebliche Anwendungs-Software” ( AIBAS ).
  3. The OpenSource SourceForge "faves-ERP Manufacturing", SourceForge "faves-ERP Manufacturing" - “ERP CRM MRP & More for Manufacturing industries”.
  4. The OpenSource GnuCash - “Free Accounting Software”.
  5. The OpenSource GNU Enterprise.
  6. The OpenSource “Industrial Machinery Automation Software” (iMAS) ( SourceForge "iMAS ERP", SourceForge "iMAS ERP" ).
  7. The OpenSource SourceForge "mysoft-erp", SourceForge "mysoft-erp" - “ERP for Footware Manufacture”.
  8. The OpenSource Openbravo, S.L.U. "Openbravo", SourceForge "Openbravo", SourceForge "Openbravo ERP" - “The leading professional web-based Open Source ERP!”.
  9. “OpenERP” is a widely used name for different free and OpenSource ERP software.
  10. The French-only OpenSource OpenInfo3W - Performance d'ouve à vous, SourceForge "OpenInfo3W ERP CRM GPAO PGI", SourceForge "OpenInfo3W ERP CRM GPAO PGI" - “Un ERP CRM GPAO PGI libre, sans restriction, sachant allier simplicité et flexibilité”.
  11. OpenPro.
  12. The OpenSource “Opentaps” ( Opentaps, Sequoia RP, SourceForge "Sequoia ERP", SourceForge "opentaps open source ERP+CRM" ) - “The most advanced Open Source ERP + CRM solution”.
  13. The OpenSource SQL-Ledger ERP, in Perl - “double entry accounting/ERP system”.
  14. TUDO / QTTUDO.
  15. webERP.

OpenSource eCommerce Software

  • The OpenSource Magento Community Edition in PHP - “eCommerce Software and Platform”.
    • Commerce Plus GmbH, Hamburg - Magento experts.
    • I was told in 2015, that 30% of all ( just German ? ) online shops in the Internet are built with Magento!
    • I was told by experts, that though Magento ( and other OpenSource Shop systems.. ) is OpenSource and “free”, there is a necessary implementation for the European / German law and business needs. This Implementation can just be done by special software houses ( i.e. “Magento experts” ), which makes the created shops proprietary and not OpenSource and free anymore....
      • There might be no purchase confirmation page. Even if there is such a page, the button button “By clicking the button, I confirm that I want to buy now” might be missing or is not named properly.
      • The time to delivery must be mentioned to the customer.
      • The customer must check at the field “Yes, I have read the Terms of Use and Data Privacy Statement and accept these conditions”, and must check at the field ” wlegal effects and conditions of withdrawal”.
      • There are services for webshop which check the webshop services - the web shop has to pass a test protocol - and provide legal protection:

Commercial eCommerce Software


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