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[hemmerling] ERP 2/3 - The OpenSource ERP Systems "TinyERP" / "OpenERP" / "Odoo" and the Fork "Tryton"


TinyERP / OpenERP / Odoo

The Tool

Commercial Providers


Tryton Server

  • The OpenSource application server Tryton Foundation "Tryton" for Python 2.7.
    • Twitter "Sebastián Marró, @sebastianmarro" - “Thymbra Director. Member of GNU Solidario. Board member of Tryton Foundation”.
    • “Three-tier high-level general purpose application platform under the license GPL-3 written in Python and using PostgreSQL as database engine. It is the core base of a complete business solution providing modularity, scalability and security”.
  • The demo server
  • I was told by experts, that
    • Patches provided by the community are both merged into some stable community editions ( the latest, some older,..) and the current development version.
    • Extending the Tryton client ( e.g. to support a new widget ) is difficult. As very few Tryton developers provided upgrades to the client in the last few years, and as the status of the client code and documentation is not perfect and especially not easy to understand and to handle, it can be expected that writing a new widget for the client might just be done by a handful of Trycon developers in the world...



Mandatory and optional Prerequisites


Write your first Tryton Module

Tryton Developers, Implementors of Tryton Application and Tryton Adaptors

Applications based on Tryton

Reference Customers

Tips & Tricks

  • I experienced: A Tryton 3.4 client may just communicate with a Trytond 3.4 server, communications with a Trytond 3.5 server is refused :-(.
  • Trytond uses the database, but the view and the models are defined in the file system. Each “object view” is a Trython object. A Tryton client is used to display a view. Trytond is parsing the XML files and stores the infos in its database.
  • “Trytond - u mymodule anothermodule athirdmodule - d mydatabase”, “Trytond - u all - d mydatabase”


Forums, Newsgroups

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