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Do-It-Yourself Handcraftmanship - Products & Tips for Usage

Caulking Gun and Silicone Sealant


Painting of wooden Window Frames of my home, 2021-08

Refurbishing an old wooden Table

My Grinding Machine "Worx Schwingschleifer WX642.1" of 2021-04

    • “Blattaufnahme: Wahlweise Klettbefestigung oder Schnellspann-Klemmbefestigung”.
  • OBI "Worx Schwingschleifer 270 W WX642.1" - “Praktisch ist die “Stanze” für das Schleifpapier ohne Klett und der Staubauffangbehälter”, “Geschwindigkeit regelbar”.
    • “Lieferumfang: ..., 1x Schleifpapier-Stanze, 1 Staubbox (Zyklonbox), 2 Absaugadapter (32mm, 35mm), 9 Schleifpapiere (#60, #80, #120), 1 Koffer ,...”.
    • “Wenn Sie ungelochtes Schleifpapier verwenden, müssen Sie einen Papierstanzer verwenden, um die Löcher auszustanzen. Verwenden Sie 1/3 Schleifpapier mit folgenden Abmessungen: Papiergröße: 93*230mm für Klemmbefestigung 93*182mm für Klett-System”.
    • Drehzahlregelung: nein” ????.
  • With speed control :-).
  • “If your power tool becomes too hot, especially when used at low speed, set the speed to maximum and run it with no load for 2-3 minutes to cool the motor. Avoid prolonged usage at very low speeds” :-(.
  • “The sandpaper controls the sanding efficiency, not the amound of force you apply to the tool. Excessive force will reduce the sanding efficiency and cause the motor overload” :-(!

Some other Grinding Machines / Sanders & Sand Paper

Sand Paper

Recommended Sand Paper for my Grinding Machine
Some other Sand Paper

Wood Oil



Drilling Machines

My standard Drilling Machines

  • My standard drilling machine ”Black & Decker Zweigang-Maschine D520, 315W, 220V, 10mm Bohrfutter” of the late 1960th.
    • The original drill chuck key ( German: “Bohrfutterschlüssel” ) is still available :-).
    • Experts told me: “900 / 2400 U/min”.
  • My standard drilling machine “Elite SB4211 / E400, 350W, 220V. I=2200 U/min, Stahl8mm / Stein 8mm. I=28000 U/min, Stahl 10mm, Stein 10mm”. A replacement drill chuck key ( German: “Bohrfutterschlüssel” ) “DIN 6349 S2A ( Röhm )” by wolfcraft GmbH is still available :-).

Some other Drilling Machines with percussive Drill

  • OBI:
      • OBI "CMI Bohrhammer C-BH-1050 D", 59.99 EUR - “mit einem SDS-Plus Bohrfutter ausgestattet”.
        • An additional toothed ring drill chuck ( “Zahnkranzbohrfutter” ) & drill chuck key ( German: “Bohrfutterschlüssel” ) is supplied :-).
        • There is a key to open the grease filling port ( German: “Schmierfett-Einfüllöffnung ) supplied :-).
        • There is no depth stop ( German: “Tiefenanschlag” ) supplied, which is mentioned in the OBI online advertising :-(.
        • The device has a variable rotation speed 0-950/min :-), but not preselectable rotation speed :-(.
        • How to exchange the supplied carbon brushes ( German: “Kohlebürsten” ), later?
        • There is an extra black PVC slice, for unknown purpose.
        • May the direction of drilling be changed?
        • WARNING: The boring bar is “swinging” ( describing an arc ) at unloaded idling, in both drilling modes - standard drilling and impact drilling. From my point of view it is unusuable for anything :-(.
      • OBI "LUX Bohrhammer BHA-800", 79.99 EUR - “Das Bohrfutter ist mit einer SDS-Plus-Aufnahme versehen”.
      • OBI "Einhell Bohrhammer TH-RH 900/1", 69.99 EUR - “Die SDS-Plus-Aufnahme ermöglicht schnellen werkzeuglosen Wechsel”.
      • OBI "LUX Bohrhammer BHA-1500", 99.99 EUR - “Ausgestattet mit einer praktischen SDS-Plus-Aufnahme”.

Drilling Bits

Soft Drilling Bits for Stone
Hard Drilling Bits for Concrete, with 4 Blades
Depth Stop / Drill Stop Drill Bit / Stop Collar Ring Positioner ( German: "Tiefenanschlag" / "Tiefendübel" / "Tiefenanschlagringe" )

Drilling of Holes in the Concrete Ceiling

My Angle Grinder


Germany, Austria, Switzerland


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