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[hemmerling] Hannover

Alone on the data highway... like on an allee in Hannover-Herrenhausen

Lonesome rider in the Internet, if we don´t meet until the world is over, we´ll meet in Bielefeld or Hannover, You bet. Where do you want to go today..


  • If foreigners are asked to explain what know about my hometown Hannover, usually they mention the following subjects: “Hannover is the place in Germany, where the people articulate the finest and purest 'high german' language” (this is pure nonsense), “capital of Lower Saxony”, “Hannover Fair” or “Hannover Fair CEBIT”, “Hannover 96” or “Arminia Hannover”. If they also mention “Scorpions”, then it is getting harder urggggg :-(.
  • “Messe-Nepp” ( fair rip-off, fair overpay, overpayment due to a fair ) :-(. Each year at Hannover Fair CEBIT and Hannover Fair INDUSTRY. In 2000 at the EXPO, too. How about you ?
  • Arno Schmidt “Und was heißt schon New York, Großstadt ist Großstadt. Ich war oft genug in Hannover - ich kenn's!”.
  • Prof. Dr. Jhy-Wey Sieh, representative of Taiwan in Germany, on his speech on the Hannover fair EMO event “TaiwanNight”, 2019-09-17: “Hannover - You have to come over”.

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Nutrition Services


  • Bakery BackPosten - “Immer das Beste vom Vortag”.
  • Pizza Hut, Hannover.
    • Each Monday, 17:00 - “All you can eat” offer, for 7.50 EUR / person.
  • Play OFF, Play OFF, Hannover.
    • Each Monday, 17:00 - “All You Can Eat - Spare Ribs Day”, for 8.00 EUR / person.
    • Each Wednesday 16:00 - “All You Can Eat - Burger Day”, for 9.99 EUR / person.
    • Breakfast Buffet, “Premium Frühstück” - “Essen so viel Sie möchten inklusive aller alkoholfreien Heißgetränke”, for 10.00 EUR / Person.
  • Street Kebab, Hannover.
  • Volxküche.
    • UJZ Kornstraße - Restaurant “Volxküche”, on Monday, 19:00 o'clock and Wednesday, 19:00 o'clock.
    • “Volksküche in der Sprengel”, Schaufelder Str. 29, on Sunday, 19:00 o'clock (?)


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Social Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations ( NGOs )

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1 EUR/h Job Business

  • DEKRA Toys Company - “Strahlende Kinderaugen und echte Chance für Langzeitarbeitslose”.



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  • There are many towns in the world with the name HANOVER ( with one “n” ), but just HANNOVER in Lower Saxony is written with two “n” :-).

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