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[hemmerling] Healthcare

Informations and links on this page here about medical products are not meant to be a medical advisory. Please consult a health professional / doctor / medic if you are ill !

Directories of Medical Doctors

"Doctor on Call" ( "Bereitschaftsarzt" )

"Emergency" ( "Notfall" )

  • Germany-wide Telephone Number for “Emergency” ( “Notfall” ): 110.

Health Insurance

  • AOK NordWest - Die Gesundheitskasse ( formerly: “AOK Westfalen- Lippe” ).
    • AOK Wahltarife - “Bonus - Naturarznei - Zahnersatz - Krankengeld - Ausland”.
    • AOK NordWest "Auslandskrankenschein bestellen" - “Damit Sie gut in Ihren Urlaub starten, können Sie online als AOK-Versicherter eine Europäische Krankenversicherungskarte (EHIC) bzw. einen Auslandskrankenschein bestellen”.
    • AOK NordWest "FAQ - Die Europäische Krankenversicherungskarte (EHIC)" - “Ein gesetzlich Krankenversicherter muss nicht mehr für jeden Auslandsaufenthalt einen neuen Papiervordruck beantragen. Es gilt das auf der Karte aufgedruckte Gültigkeitsdatum. Die Europäische Krankenversichertenkarte wird den Versicherten bisher zusätzlich zur nationalen Krankenversichertenkarte zur Verfügung gestellt”. The EEIC is intended just for the case of emergency. In general, you should become member of the compulsory illness insurance of the country in which you have your principal residence, and by that insurance you get your EEIC card.
    • The new illness insurance card 2012, for Germany.
      • The new illness insurance card includes the EEIC function, infos are printed on the backside of the card.
      • AOK - Bild-Upload-Service für die elektronische Gesundheitskarte - The new card has a new chip, which can be just read by new card readers :-(. For a transition period, it might be a good idea to keep the old card ( you must not scrap the old card, according to the health insurance companies ).
      • Please tell your illness insurance if you scrap the EEIC card after you got the new illness insurance card.
    • If you travel in foreign countries for a maximum duration of 6 weeks/year, it is useful to sign an extra extra foreign-country illness insurance “Auslands-Krankenversicherung” for 6 EUR/year. This includes the option of a flight back to home, in case of urgend illness.

Nutrition, Cooking

Water Purification

Power Intensification ( Leistungsverdichtung )

General Healthcare




Dental Care

Medical Doctors


Standard Deseases

Medicaments in Case of Fever and Pain


Medical Anti-Snoring Hardware

  • Snore Stop - “Ein Neuer Nasenclip Mit NASA Technologie Hilft Nun Denjenigen, Die Unter Chronischem Schnarchen Leiden”.


Snuffle & Rhinosinusitis ( Inflammation of the Sinuses, "Nasennebenhöhlenentzündung" )

Medicaments in Case of Snuffles


Medicaments in Case of Cough, with Decongestant Effect

Medicaments in Case of Dry Cough

Medicaments in Case of Bruise

General Medicaments in Case of Bruise

Special Medicaments in Case of bruised Ribs

Medicaments in Case of Mosquito Bites

Medicaments in Case of Onychomycosis, Fungus Infection of the Nail, Fungal Nail ( Nagelpilz, die Nagelmykose, Onychomykose )

Medicaments in Case of Verruca

Medicaments in Case of Dysentery

Medicaments in Case of Toothache / Tooth Pain

24-Hours Summer Fever ( "Sommergrippe" )

  • My doctor advised me, in case of influenza (“Grippe”, with dysentery ( “Durchfall” ) and fever ( “Fieber ), but no cough ( “Husten” ), to drink and eat:
    1. No milk, no fancy cake ( due to fat! ).
    2. No lemon juice, no orange juice.
    3. Cola, apple juice, pear juice ( “Birnensaft” ), banana juice, Camomile tea ( “Kamillentee” ).
    4. Bouillon soup, any kind of packet soup ( “Tütensuppe” ).

Virus, Influenca

Special Deseases

Dry Eyes

Medicaments in Case of Dry Eyes


Medicaments in Case of Scall

Medicaments in Case of Scall

Medicaments in Mouth Infection

Weight Reduction


Jasper Caven




  • Gesundheits-Laden "Politzerball" - “Die Nasendusche nach Politzer ist ein Gummiball mit aufgesetzter Nasenolive. Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Nasenduschen wird der Politzerball nicht mit Wasser verwendet. Diese Nasendusche wird oftmals in der HNO mit Luft verwendet”.



Forums, Newsgroups


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