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[hemmerling] Input Devices ( Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Scanner... )


My Keyboard & Mouse Set "CHERRY CyBo@rd Plus"

My PEARL Keyboard & Mouse Sets

My Keyboard & Mouse Set "PEARL Funktastatur QWERTZ mit Funk-Maus"

Key Keycode ALT
< 60
> 62
  • My smartphone with “Android 6” operating system recognizes the keyboard & mouse set at “Settings / Language & Input / Physical Keyboard” as “MOSART Semi. 2.4G Keyboard Mouse”.

My Keyboard & Mouse Set "GeneralKeys Funk-Tastatur-Maus-Kombination 2,4 GHz, PEARL Edition"

Keyboards with Russian / Ukrainian and German Letters




Some other Keyboards

Power Unit for Accu Loading

Keyboard Drivers


Mouse and Joystick

Mouse with cable, Wireless Mouse

Wireless Presentation Pointers

Special Presentation Systems


  • My Microsoft Sidewinder joystick.
    • My “Gravis PC GamePad”.
      • The handles are easy to break by rather low users´s force, by construction, but this is a wanted effect, because else the GRAVIS Gamepad itself would be damaged.
      • In the early 2000ths, if You lived in Europe and if Your gray handles of Your GRAVIS Gamepads were broken, you could ask for free replacement :-).
        • Call a free GRAVIS service hotlines. The hotline for Germany was +49-(0)130 810654 :-).
        • Or You just sent a FAX to +31-(0)343 563225 with Your name and address, and that you need gray handles, and the number of wanted handles.
    • My Joystick “Gravis Firebird 1” ( not “Gravis Firebird 2” ).
      • In the early 2000ths, there was a hardware upgrade from Firebird 1 to Firebird 2, but it was not yet available in Europe when I asked for it, and it was quiet expensive, $19.95. So I did not upgrade.

Joystick to USB Adapter


2D / 3D Input Devices


  • Similar hardware & software concept as “Leap Motion”, but different marketing concept and different vendor's vision.

Leap Motion


Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Kinect

  • Lighting is not needed.
  • The Windows device is equipped with advanced features, in comparison to the original X-Box device.
  • The device might be used for low-budget motion capture :-).


Fladbed Scanner

A4 Flatbed Scanners

Scan of Slight Films ( DIA films / Color Reverse Photographs )

Software Applications and Software Drivers


  • In January 1999, I got a full licensed version of the OCR software “Caere OmniPage Pro 8.0” for WIN95/98 and WIN-NT supplied with the german magazine “PC go!”, issue 2/99, for about 4.90 EUR :-)!
  • There is a very-useful Nuance Scanner Guide, too.
  • Nuance "Omnipage" ( formerly: “Caere OmniPage”, “ScanSoft OmniPage” ).



3D Glasses

3D Scanning

Forums, Newsgroups

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