[hemmerling] Virtual Reality & Graphics

Applied Interactive Technologies

Graphical Design Software


2D Graphics Tools and Editors

Graphics Software for creating Image Maps

2D Vector Graphics Editors

Commercial 2D Graphics Tools and Editors & 2D Vector Graphics Editors

3D Vector Graphics Editors

Graphics Converter

  • The free Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet "XnView" for Windows.
  • The free graphics format convertion tool “ST32 Imager” by STMicroeletronics for Windows.
    • Output formats:
      1. 32bpp.
      2. 24bpp.
      3. 16bpp ARGB1555.
      4. 16bpp ARGB4444.
      5. 16bpp RGB565.
      6. 8bpp Indexed.
      7. 4bpp Indexed.
      8. 2bpp Indexed.
      9. 1bpp Indexed
      10. 8bpp Transparency.
      11. 4bpp Transparency.

Tools for Game Development

Just-commercial CAD Software


Market Place

Online Services

Service Provider

  • The 3D printing service fabberhouse powered by alphacam GmbH.
  • proto labs - “Real Parts. Really Fast”, “Proto Labs arbeitet mit Ihrer 3D-CAD Datei, um echte Teile aus technischen Werkstoffen zu fertigen”, “individuell gefertigte Funktionsteile für den Protoypenbau”.


3D Scanning

Professional 3D Scans

Semi-professional 3D Scans

3D Printing

    • File formats “G-Code”, “STL”.
    • Creation steps:
      1. Create a 3D model, e.g. with “Autodesk 123Design”.
      2. Import the model into Simplyfy3D and set the wall thickness of objects, to create hollow ( = material-saving ) objects and other parameters. The result is optimized G-Code.
      3. Print the 3D model by Simplyfy3D.

Services with 3D Visualisation


Forums, Newsgroups

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