[hemmerling] The Desktop Computer "Lenovo ThinkCentre 58p"


The Computer


The Graphics Card


Display Port
DisplayPort to VGA&DVI Conversion ( to convert Computer with VGA Monitor )
DisplayPort to VGA&DVI Conversion ( to convert Computer with HDMI monitor / TV set )

The Graphics Card "Intel GMA 4500MHD"

Q45 Chipset


DVD Drive


Infos about similar Computers

Floppy Disk acess & Booting by Floppy Disk

  • If the Lenovo M58p system is error-free, you may boot from Floppy Disk.
  • In AHCI mode, by BIOS settings “Devices / ATA Drives Setup. Enhanced AHCI: WinXP-SP1+IAA driver supports AHCI mode” = ”[Enabled]”, the BIOS might generate error messages during BIOS power-on self-test ( POST ), with some PCI / PCIe storage controllers ( SATA, ATA / SCSI, Firewire ) are installed.
    • By that, the Lenov boots by CDROM/DVD or harddisk, by bypassing the Floppy Disk.
    • However, the computer boots the operating system ( Windows, Linux ) with proper drivers for IDE and SATA and proper access to the drives
      slot 03I/PnP Error! Adapter ROM Checksum Error - PCI Mass Storage Controller in Bus:11, Device:01, Function:00
      Press <F1> for Setup, <F2> to resume
      * Error Boot Sequence will be taken if no selection is made


  • Even if you supply an 100% compatible IDE controller for ATA drives, it is not recognized by the Lenovo BIOS. By this, you can´t at least boot from such devices by the Lenovo BIOS. Maybe you may boot by a special controller ROM ( which displays a message at boot time and allows IDE controller and IDE device configuration ).

Lenovio BIOS Setup Utility

  • If you enable “Temporary relocation OPROM”, Win10 will boot up to the login screen. You may even move the mouse. But if you enter any character by keyboard, the system hangs. Therefore:
    • “Advanced / Temporary relocation OPROM. Temporary shadow OPROM into conventional memory. But it was risky. If the system hangs during boot, please restart the system and come here to change the setting” = ”[Disabled]”.

Printer Interface ( LPT1 )

Printer Interface Cable

  • With my M58p, there is a parallel port interface on the motherboard, but no cable with 25-pin interface connector was supplied.
  • I sourced the missing parallel port with proper cable, from an old 486-ISA Multi-IO card ( 2x serial, parallel, game )...
  • The red cable within the flat ribbon cable is at the “L” of the on-board printed “LPT1”.
  • No hardware modification ( i.e. no 1K resistor ect. ) was necessary.

Printer Detection & Printer Port Setup

  • It was just necessary to activate the parallel printer port in the Lenovo BIOS.
  • The printer setup is just visible in the Lenovo BIOS, and then later the printer port is just detected by the operating system ( e.g. Windows, Linux, MSDOS ), if a printer or parallel-port flatbed scanner is connected to this port, at boot time of the M58p.




  • WinXP SP3 32-bit does't supply neither a suitable driver for the ATA emulation mode of SATA drives, nor does it have AHCI support for the M58p:
    • WinXP SP1 installs properly on the M58p, with AHCI disabled.
    • WinXP SP3 starts installation, with AHCI disabled. After the first successful step of installation of WinXP SP3 on a SATA harddisk from a SATA DVD drive, the reboot from SATA harddisk fails by the error message
      • In English
        Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
        <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll
        Please re-install a copy of the above file.
      • In German
        Windows konnte nicht gestartet werden, da folgende Datei fehlt oder beschädigt ist:
        <Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.
        Installieren Sie ein Exemplar der oben angegebenen Datei erneut.
    • DriverPacks.Net - “Each DriverPack is a package of drivers for a particular category of hardware. There are for example DriverPacks for Sound devices and for Graphics devices... They are intended to be used while creating a Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7 installation disc/image”.
    • nLite - “A tool for pre-installation Windows configuration and component removal at your choice”.


  • Win7 ( without SP1 ) 64-bit and 32-bit don´t supply a suitable AHCI driver for the M58p :-(. But Win7 installs properly on the M58p, with AHCI disabled.

Win8 and Win 10

  • Win8 and Win8.1 supply a suitable SATA driver for the M58p :-), on the distribution DVD. Win8 and Win8.1 install properly on the M58p, with AHCI enabled.
  • I didn´t yet test a Win10 on a bare M58p, due to missing installation image. The upgrade Win7Pro → Win10 installs properly on the M58p, with AHCI enabled.


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