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Quality Criteria for a Computer

  • Does the computer device have a reset button ?
  • Desktop PC:
    • Does the chassis have a reset button ?
    • Does the power supply have an on/off switch to switch off the power physically ?


Data Storage

Graphics Cards

Premier Hardware Designers and Chip Manufacturers

Just-Manufacturers of Graphics Cards with its Brands

My Graphics Cards

  • My former graphics card “ATI Ultra Graphics Pro (MACH32)”, FCC ID: GRANTEE_CODE = EXM, PRODUCT_CODE = 195.
  • My graphics card “ELSA Erazor III Pro Video Retail”, is equipped with the chipset NVIDIA “TNT2Pro” and the video i/o chipset Brooktree “BT 869”.
  • My graphics card “MSI G4MX440-VTP / MS-8866” of MSI is equipped with the chipset NVIDIA “G4MX440” and the video i/o chipset Philips “SAA 7108E”.
  • My graphics “ATI Radeon HD 3470”.

VESA Drivers


  • The free Video Live tools for Windows support the SAA 7108E chipset!
  • The discontinued video-in drivers for the graphics card “Elsa Erazor III Pro Video” by "Media Tools" ( - 2006-09-23 ).
    • The free “pViewer” for Win98.
    • The Sharware “pViewer Pro” for W2k,XP.
  • The discontinued Shareware "TVTool" for Windows by JB
    • The tool “TVTool” enables video-out for graphics card with Bt868/Bt869 chipset, e.g. my Erazor III Pro Video Retail graphics card. “TVTool 4.61” is the latest uncrippled freeware version.
    • The tool “TVCC” enables video-out for graphics cards with Chrontel chipset ( e.g. ASUS graphics cards ). No more Macrovision copy-protection !
  • Once there was “DeskTV” - A free overlay software for many graphics cards with video input and VfW drivers ( ELSA Victory Erazor, graphics cards with BT848chipset. Autor: "Michael Tirtasana".
  • The Shareware “UniRefresh 1.43” for MSDOS by Rob Muller - A universal MSDOS refresh rate utility using VESA VBE 3.0.

I/O Cards and I/O Devices


The Serial & Parallel Ports

Software Drivers

Input Devices ( Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick )


Monitor Tubes

  • My 15” “Belinea 10 50 35” tube monitor, native resolution 1024×768 at 75 Hz, of 1998.
  • My former 17” “MAG MX17S” tube monitor, 1024×768 by "MAG Innovision".
  • My 19” “Maxdata Belinea 106065” tube monitor, native resolution 1600×1200 at 75 Hz.

LCD Monitor Displays

  • My 17” Hansol Monitor H711, LCD monitor, 1280×1024.
  • My 20” “Philips 200P3M” LCD monitor, 1600×1200.
  • My 21.6” “ASUS VW220D”, Native Resolution 1680×1050, of 2008.
  • My 24” “BenQ GL 2460 B”, 1920×1080 Full HD, of 2017.


Color Management

  • 5000 Kelvin is the usual color temperature for print management.
  • 6500 Kelvin is the usual color temperature for video management.
  • Ideal Gamma value: 1.8.
  • My 20” Philips 200P3M monitor just supports
    • Original Panel Color.
    • 9300 Kelvin for CAD / CAM.
    • 6500 Kelvin for image management.

Complete PCs

Gamer PCs

  • ZOTAC - Mini PCs and GeForce GTX Gaming Graphics Cards”.

x86 Computers with Linux Support

  • TUXEDO Computers - “Notebooks, Computer, Laptops PCs und Hardware mit Linux Unterstützung”.

Legacy x86 Office Server PCs

x86 Office Server PCs

Desktop PCs for use with Automation

Notebooks for use with Automation

  • Dell Latitude - legacy models with floppy disk drive, serial COM1 interface.
  • Fujitsu Siemens CELSIUS - with floppy disk drive ( just legacy models ? ), serial COM1 interface.
  • Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E, shipped with a serial port. Port replicating “Docking Station” with serial COM1 and parallel printer interface available :-).
  • Hewlett Packard ProBooks.
    • HP Store → “Geschäftskunden” :-).
        • HP ProBook 6560b - Port replicating “Docking Station” with serial COM1 and parallel printer interface available :-). 15.6” display → “6560b”, Firewire. 1600 x 900 graphics resulution.
        • HP ProBook 6475b - Port replicating “Docking Station” with serial COM1 and parallel printer interface available :-). 14” display → “6475b”, Firewire. There are models with either 1.366 x 768 or 1600 x 900 graphics resulution ?!
        • HP ProBook 6570b” - Port replicating Docking station available :-). !5.6” display → “6570b”. 1.366 x 768 graphics resulution :-(.
        • HP ProBook 4740s - Just USB docking station :-(. 17.3” display → “4740x”, 1600 x900 graphics resultion.
  • Samsung P55 LXD T7250 - the extra docking station “Samsung X DOCK II DOCKING STATION” has a serial COM1 and parallel printer interface.
  • IBM Lenovo T-Series - the extra docking station “ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock” ( but not the “ThinkPad Essential Port Replicator” ) has a serial COM1 and parallel printer interface.

Computer / Motherboards with VNC, UltraVNC, Intel vPro/AMT

IBM PowerLinux Server

Embedded PCs for use with Automation

Rugged PCs and Tablets / Smartphones

Local Servers for Local Cloud

Learning Computers for Children


Selection Criteria

  • Legacy devices either as interface jacks on board, or even as true interface jacks at the computer's backfront:
    • Floppy disk.
    • IDE.
    • Serial COM1, COM2.
    • Printer.


Non-legcacy Motherboards and Computers with Motherboards equipped with ISA Slots

Motherboards for 80x86 Embedded Systems

My Motherboards

Batteries for Motherboards

  • Battery “CR 2032”, accu “LIR 2032”.


  • Pollin - USB interfaces:
    • #720 382 - “Slotblech mit 2 x USB-A-Buchsen auf 8-poligen Pfostenstecker”.
    • #720 169 - “Slotblech mit 2xUSB-A-Buchsen auf 5polige Pfostenstecker”.

Network Equipment

3D Printers


Printer Hardware

  • My Hewlett Packard Laserjet IIIP.
  • My Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4P.

Multifunctional Printer / Scanner Hardware

Software Drivers for Windows 7, 8, 10

Printer Refill Services

Toner Cartriges




Noise Feedback Loops

Hardware Solutions to avoid Noise Feedback Loops
  • Holmco SoundConnector ( # 99 34 92-62 ) - to avoid noise feedback loops with computer-to-amplifier connections.
  • Ratho GLI-18 ( # 311405-62 ) - to avoid noise feedback loops with computer-to-amplifier connections.


3.5mm PC Speaker Jacks
3.5mm PC Speaker Jacks + USB Converter
Vendors which offer both USB and 3.5mm PC Speaker Jacks Models

Power Supply

  • The 230 Volts power distributor Innovative Versorgungstechnik GmbH - “Sicherheitstechnik” / “PC-Power-Manager PM6”.
  • The PC power supply Corsair CX 500.
  • I was told that the cheap PC power supply “LC-P HM-780” has many legacy power interfaces for legacy devices ( floppy, hdd, CD-ROM drive ) :-), but I did not yet check that.


Databases / Link Directories for Firmware, BIOS and ( Windows, MSDOS ) Drivers

Software Applications



Forums, Newsgroups

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