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[hemmerling] Meetings - Suggestions, Tips, Best Practices, Tools and Gadgets for the Design of Meetings

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Liberating Structures




Polls, Surveys

Interactive Polls, Surveys

  • - “Slido - Audience Interaction Made Easy”.
    • Google Play "" - App Client for Participants.
    • HTML app HTML Client for Participants - “Join Slido as a participant by entering the event code. Once you join the event, you can start asking questions right away. Make your voice heard today”.
    • With free basic service ( 3 polls per event ). I was introduced to at the “TDWI conference 2018” :-).

Online Polls, Surveys by Standard Web Formular

  • LamaPoll - free basic service “FREE. 50 Teilnehmer pro Umfrage. Unbegrenzte Anzahl an Fragen”.
  • Voycer - “Der Meinungs- Verstärker für alle, die etwas bewegen wollen”.

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