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[Hemmerling] Softskills and Training

Communications Models

Cognitive Edge Network

Conflict Management

Nonviolent Communication

Model #1

  1. Observation without any interpretation ( interpretationsfreie Beobachtung ).
  2. Feelings ( Gefühle ).
  3. Needs ( Bedürfnisse ).
  4. Wishes ( Wünsche ).

Model #2 - Model of Group Dynamics

  1. (Re-)Forming → Naming of Goals.
  2. Storming.
  3. Norming
  4. Performing.


German Phrases and Questions with which Ladies cheat Men

  1. “Was denkst Du gerade ?”.
  2. “Laß uns drüber reden”.
  3. “Was ist denn Dein Bedürfnis, das da hinter steckt?”.


Systemic Work

Basic Principles of Systemic Work

Family Constellations - Services, Tools



Family Constellations



Conflict Management

The Ladder of Inference


Neuro-Linguistische Programmieren ( NLP )

Neuro-Linguistische Selling ( NLS )

Organisation of creative Meetings

Special informations about personal profile systems and social models

Psychological Testing



Process Communication Model

# Character in English language Character in German language
1 Thinker Logiker
2 Persister Beharrer
3 Harmonizer Feeler Empathiker
4 Imaginer Dreamer Träumer
5 Rebel Rebell
6 Promoter Macher
  • The difference to other personality models is the idea of a “battery” for each charcter type. E.g. if somebody has a base behaviour of a “promotor”, this battery is 100% loaded, while the other characters which have less influence on him/her, have batteries of less than 100% ( e.g. 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 10% ).
  • For the behaviour in bad stress ( “distress”, German: “Disstress” ), just the base behaviour is important!
  • You can learn to communicate with the language of the characters for which you have “low batteries”, by training :-).

Reiss Profile

Spiral Dynamics

Working Out Loud

Asking Questions


Training Offer Platforms

Coaches, Trainers, Consultants

IT Training

Yellow Ribbon



Forums, Newsgroups

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